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  Posted: Aug 17, 2012 12:00 PM
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One week ... Just one more week ... Have a great weekend my friends!! Btw am I the only one thinking mapping the pics is baaaadddd?????
  • No I agree!

  • (with you)

  • I agree mate 😒 stunning place tho 😄😚

  • Nice

  • No me too, i just went of because i think its useless... Perfectly useless...

  • Wow 

  • Amazing picture! I agree! Creepy!

  • Hi! Love the photo! I'm not liking the update at all!!! How can I go back? 😔

  • Fantastic colours and light my woman in blue dreams to enter into this landscape... Is it possible?

  • No Man, I hate too this new feature of "mapping".. Pretty boring:-)

  • è bellissima ed un rilassante luogo!!  photo map (che devo ancora ben vedere) a me non serve: le mie foto sono tutte dello stesso posto! -7 su dai!!bon we

  • @flyzone The most aberrant thing, I think, besides the impossibility to choose (if you don't update ig keeps crashing or at least, for me it was so) is that even the pics without geotag have now been localised! I wasn't used to geotag, I've done it recently just to let people discover some unknown place, but my oldest pics are now geotagged as well!... As I already said today, Zuckerberg gave a very good reading to Animal Farm...

  • Agreed friend, I don't like mapping: sounds like a big brother's eye and it gots nothing to do with photos.

  • @flyzone tornado alla sostanza di IG, questo scatto è magnifico come tutti! Scusa la filippica e buon we a te Fly!!

  • sersi 5y ago

    I commenti sulla foto sono superflui....esprimono pace e calma....per me un miraggio...ogni giorno in spiagge chiassose e affollate....

  • Good morning and happy Friday!

  • @curlydor scherzi? un piacere leggere il commento .. :) buon weekend anche a te

  • @sersi va bhe dai ma ci sono anche aspetti positivi sulle spiaggie chiassose e affollate :)

  • @joyinlife hey sweety .. not sure you can go back .. unfortunately ... but see the positive side .. now i know where u are and i can come looking for you :) not in a creepy way ehh :)

  • @etascarpa rivoooooooo ... me par de essa za in voeo ;)

  • @golfie1 morning sunshine .. how's the day over there?

  • @flyzone hmmm...that could be positive ;)

  • @suicideblond totally big brother ... not sure if people realize how much we already disclose about our life .. like the people checking in at foursquare ... u basically know everything ...

  • I'm with you. Maps are bad. TGIF

  • @silvianovesette continuiamo a leggere Martin Mystere :)

  • @woody70 it's fun mapping the pics .. as long as u r the only one looking at the map ... not the entire world :)

  • @joyinlife .. just got the GPS pointing south ;)

  • @mymaco e ora dove lo metti il titolo della foto?

  • @sara_esse mate??? dimmelo in romanesco :)

  • @flyzone that's a start...☺

  • @joyinlife ... gas .. done .. gps .. done .. sunglasses .. done .. open roof top .. done .. coming ...... :)

  • @fifitakesfotos glad u share the same feeling :)

  • Assolutamente:-))

  • sersi 5y ago che ci penso....i 40 gradi....gli spruzzi d'acqua quando conquisti timidamente terreno in acqua...ah! Dimenticavo: i bambini che inseguendosi passano sul tuo non cambierei mai la mia situazione per la tua😂😂😂😂

  • @sersi hai dimenticato .. la vista degli omoni pelosi che fanno avanti indietro davanti a te ;)

  • sersi 5y ago

    Ahahaha....con costumi improponibili...

  • @sersi come? non adori quei costumi adamitici che ti lasciano immaginare tutto?????

  • sersi 5y ago

    Ahahaha....con costumi improponibili...

  • sersi 5y ago

    Eh! Come no!....specialmente tirati su sui fianchi....personalmente preferisco usare la fantasia, piuttosto che una visione nuda e cruda di attrezzature in dotazione....

  • Peaceful.

  • Ciao Ale :) Trasmette serenità questa foto. Photo Map? Non mi piace affatto, non ho mai usato nemmeno il geotag...mi limito a mettere al massimo il tag della città dove ho fatto lo scatto. La percepisco come "invasiva" questa funzione. Non penso che la userò. E fra una sett arrivi in Italia! 😄 mancavi da un po', mi sembra?!! Buon we!

  • @na0_7o very :)

  • @icatt33 da un anno ... sai quante cose succedono in un anno .. il tempo vola .. buon weekend anche a te :)

  • I mapped only 6 of my nearly 1100, being careful

  • Looks heavenly!!! Enjoy!

  • I don't think it's bad to map picks~ just bad to map photos posted at home!

  • @hellena777 I had people contacting me to get the right locations of my shots .. one even this week .. she was getting engaged and she wanted to know the location of my pics in the National Geographic to go an do her engagement shooting ... I had to reply that I don't give away the locations .. as a photographer I can't give away the exact locations .. or 1000 others will have the same shots .. but aside from that .. for me it's more a matter of privacy .. i don't want everyone to know what I'm doing, where I went, and so on ... the security in Instagram is not strong ... I see some lawsuit coming up ...

  • Ahh I see. Yes I know what you mean about keeping things original etc. I had one pro on here ask me about location in Stouffville last year.. explained in detail didn't even say thanks. Plus it's a lot of work for you! A few igers geotag there homes and they have kids.. Another lady was being stalked and she was tagging her location these people oblivious... Ha! Know where you are can find you anytime 😜

  • @hellena777 stalker :)

  • 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Bella sghi 😁😁😁

  • Looks soo peaceful

  • @jennna_b ur dog would love it up Here :) especially in the winter

  • It's good thanks! I got off work early and heading out on a long weekend road trip with my bestie. How about you, any plans? 😘😘

  • I've with you - no map fore

  • For me

  • @flyzone tipo: quando m'arriva lo sfilzone di like sul gruppetto di foto scattate nello stesso posto (all'epoca pubblicate senza geotag), me devo preoccupà??

  • @flyzone he would, and so would I!

  • bettio 5y ago

    Bea vecio. A mi el mapping me fa na pippa. Mi metto el 99% de foto de Venessia 😄😄😄

  • Yeah I'm not gonna use that feature. Stalkers and all😜

  • @flyzone waiting patiently...:)

  • no non sei il solo :D

  • Stunning

  • mck_5 5y ago


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User Image flyzone Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:31 PM (UTC)
124 Valencia
Over the last few days I’ve received lots of message, in public or private, from people that in some way have been touched by cancer. I know the argument sometimes is a bit hard to digest but this Xmas think about making a donation in favor of cancer research... maybe it will be the best gift we do to ourselves ❤️ Happy Friday ☀️ *
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Someone once asked what was the most difficult thing to do in love … I’m sure each of us will have different answers but to me the most difficult thing was holding the hand of my partner when she passed … Tomorrow will be ten years since that date and I can tell you there’s no day that pass that I don’t think about that moment. You feel like in a tunnel, you get to experience situations and emotions that you never had before, like in a rollercoaster. You get to lose friends, some scared by the disease some others because they don’t understand why you’re not in the mood to celebrate on the weekend, but you also get to discover yourself and what really make you happy. My luck was to have amazing people around me.
Maybe it’s a good exercise to ask yourself what is the most difficult thing to do in love.
User Image flyzone Posted: Nov 10, 2017 5:15 PM (UTC)
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What do you prefer? Going down the stairs or coming up?
Old shot from years ago, those stairs are no longer in place now for security reasons 🍁
First snow in Toronto, stay warm and have a wonderful weekend 👋🏻🇨🇦
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What’s your biggest fear??? If you’re scare of heights Capilano suspension bridge in North Vancouver may not be the right place for you 😁. Capilano is one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in Canada. (140 mt - 450 ft long and 70 mt above the river).
I’m not telling you how long I had to wait there to just have one single couple on that walk 😂
Unfortunately I missed the bridge, and view, at the top of Sea to Sky since the gondola was temporary closed. One more excuse to be back on the West Coast 🇨🇦
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I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love ... 🍁❤️ Happy Friday everyone!! It’s getting chillier out there and soon all the leaves will be gone. Traveling to Vancouver next week, super excited about it 😊

If you are planning a hike check out @tourismhamilton today is my last takeover day ! Let me know what you think about my suggestions 🍁🍂 *
Happy hump day my friends 🍁🍁
Weekend is just around the corner and there’s still plenty of time to check out Fall’s colours!!! Check out @tourismhamilton for my daily suggestion 😊🍁💦 you’ll love it!! ❤️ *
Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes!! Overwhelming :) If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of it’s taking pictures of waterfalls, and lighthouses too :)
How about you? Ice cream is not an option eh ;)
If you hadn’t had a chance to follow me at @tourismhamilton on my takeover week, you should definitely do it now. Today I’m featuring one of the areas I love most for watching Fall’s colours. 🍁🍁
Happy Monday everybody!! Had a fabulous weekend hiking around Hamilton searching for the perfect spots for autumn foliage pictures 🍁 Perfect way to celebrate a birthday 🎂 😉
Follow me at @tourismhamilton on my take over week 🍁 Fall colours are peaking in some locations and the next couple of weeks will be amazing! *
I’m excited to announce that for the next few days I will take over the IG stream for the Welcome Committee of Hamilton ( @tourismhamilton ). I will be posting images and suggesting places to hike and admire the fall colours.
Less than an hour from Toronto, the city of Hamilton is one of the best places to hike in Ontario, especially during the fall season. The Niagara escarpment crosses the area entirely, offering incredible views and over 100 waterfalls.

Please join me @tourismhamilton and let me know what what you think of the places that I will showcase!

Do you have a place you want us to visit? Your suggestion is welcome!
In the image: falls at Smokey Hollow, Waterdown.