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  Posted: Aug 17, 2012 1:47 AM FEED
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Banh mi fix. Because I deserve it. 😉

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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 7:08 AM
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Back in Sydney just in the time that the jacarandas are in bloom! Now to sort out all the holiday loot and laundry! 😆 #adobodownunder
Lunch with my folks and cousins @mesaphilippines before we fly back to our reality tomorrow. Everything is tasty and spot on except the palabok. My fave from the line up is the crispy tawilis and buttered scallops. #adobodownunder #adobodownundereats #adobodownunderinmanila
Soft drinks in plastic. And the tricycle. Both classic sights when in Manila! #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila
Finally a trip to La Loma for some original #beefpares. Can’t get any simpler than this. Extra rice please! 😋 #adobodownunder #adobodownundereats #adobodownunderinmanila
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 1:27 AM
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It ain't the Philippines if you don't see any #jeepneys. The basic means of transportation in close competition with the tricycle. #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila
Diner with college mates @romulocafeph reminiscing about the good old days and catching up with the new. The food here is always exceptional, everything is well seasoned and presented well. We had tinapa spring rolls and lechon sisig wrap for appetizer. For mains their signature kare kare, baby squid adobo in garlic, ans ginisang sigarilyas. And dessert of crispy suman shots and banana turon. #adobodownunder #adobodownundereats #adobodownunderinmanila #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement
When shopping becomes a competitive sport. Bargain hunting at @greenhillsph is not for the faint hearted - it requires stamina and excellent negotiating skills. 😎😆 #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila
We had an amazing time yesterday solving wizardry and searching for elusive crime clues @mystery_manila. The first live role playing game room in the Philippines. All good fun! #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila #adobodownunderfam
It's Christmas already here folks! As early as September, commercial and public places adorn their shopfronts with trimmings. Not unusual for a country predominantly Catholic. These are called #parol or lanterns hung outdoors for their festive feel. The second photo made of dry ipil-ipil pods is ingenious! #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila
Pit stop yesterday to get the best sisig in town. Aling Lucing's was closed so we ended up here. BBQ chicken ass and grilled bangus in the photos. #adobodownunder #adobodownunderinmanila #adobodownundereats #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement
Last night’s dinner with the fam was at this seafood market place. The concept is you buy the seafood from any of the purveyors, you choose the restaurant and they cook it to your liking. A fave place amongst locals since the 70s. The photos are not even half of what we had! #itsabigfamily #adobodownunder #adobodownundereats #adobodownunderinmanila #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement