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Drive failure on my Drobo!

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Official statement: Courage Crew has once again denounced #EdgeDay on the grounds that everyday is Edge Day. #cxcb #fyie
“AVI WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” “I painting!” “Yes, yes you are” #avihighland 🤡
When you’re changing the babies diaper and he throws you into an armbar. #avihighland #mma
Not being artsy, just surviving. Flashlight + ramen noodles. #powersout #stoneage
Today I met @mister6ixgaming. Dude takes Pokémon Go to the next level playing 6 phones at a time! Together we took down #articuno
"Remember that you will die". I have a hard time balancing things in my life. I'm trying hard to focus on what's important and brings value. Busy does not mean productive.
Went to get lunch and accidentally found a Pokémon Go gym raid happening.