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jjwoww_ 269w ago
Bestfrann :) @hannahware18

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a few things that made me super happy this weekend 🎉
truly thankful for a friendship that i can be my extra self around #bless
as if my job could get any better, it's been approved to have little fish for our cubies!!
happiest of birthdays to my favorite little attitude having boyyyy!
just realized i never posted this yesterday.... so here's a late birthday post. Sarah Nicole, i'm so blessed to have lived this life with you by my side. i feel like we've literally been through it all.. the good times, the bad, breakups, and all of our phases in life. our friendship is the one thing that has remained consistent. lord knows it takes a very special person to deal with my moody, brutally honest personality and i'm glad it's you! seriously love you always, bfsb. happy birthday sissy ❤️
little man is so excited for his first day of kindergarten!
jjwoww_ 10w ago
thankful for Arvest for introducing me to my forever friends! so blessed with such God fearing, inspirational girls to be surrounded by. love love love them to pieces! ❤️
jjwoww_ 10w ago
s/o to my jaclyn hill palette and good lighting for making feel extra confident today 💅🏻
jjwoww_ 14w ago
couldn't be more blessed to be living life with my life long bff. thank you for always listening to my rants, shedding light onto my path, and being so real. not only do you have a great name and car, you have a great heart j riv. can't wait to grow old with you, twin!👵🏻💅🏻🐙 #blest