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  Posted: Aug 16, 2012 8:09 PM FEED
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  • Woop woop. call the poe poe

  • Wouldn't do it my mistake I frickin hate map

  • I seriously hate it do much. 😡😡 they need to change it back!

  • *so

  • Its wack xD

  • Yeah not nice..

  • I can't wait for update!! 

  • Facebook starts their assault on simplicity, get ready.

  • Yeah do not update it I made a mistake

  • Wonderful! ✨✨

  • Its great

  • Don't get it!!

  • The update doesn't suck, but it's not the best, but my advice is just don't update it @izdato

  • I already updated mine

  • Whats so bad?

  • Got it now i regret ot

  • Don't like it.

  • It's great actually sure it's different but it's like us. It changes it grows up to become something better and faster.. I don't see why you guys hate it this change is a good change not a bad one @karlijanel @geneviedelacruz Also, @swaggg__1 If you hate the map so much then don't use it..

  • What's wrong with updating?

  • I want the old IG back!

  • Yes, but if you don't update it, you can't like any more pictures.

  • I really don't get why people are telling other people not to get it , if they wanna upgrade it let them upgrade it & honestly it ain't that bad

  • bedoff 5y ago

    Что то пока не привычно, а как вам?

  • xthrn 5y ago

    I am not really fond of the map thing...

  • That's my opinion

  • am4pm 5y ago

    I've watched a video of the new update and read a few reviews on it. I will not update it. I do not like it from what I've heard and read. As I've said many times before, but Instagram should allow us to display the photos we want on our first page. Then perhaps I MIGHT consider the update. @izdato

  • jkeepf 5y ago


  • It wasn't fb's idea. They haven't finalized their ownership of ig yet. They had nothing to do w the update. @jonmeasures I don't care too much about the photo map, but the rest is nice.

  • @babieepaulax3 I love it idk why people keep saying not to get it...

  • tima61 5y ago

    говно полное

  • They gonna force location now. Mark zuck at his best. On Facebook he gave every one an email address.

  • I hate it

  • @kurtlyngrace Iknow , and I find its an easier way to see peoples pictures

  • I really hate this update -___-

  • @mexi4lyfe it could be a trap because if you put a pic of yourself at your home people will see where or very close to where you live on the map. Its cool to see where everyone comes from i just think everyone should be safe and mindful

  • hate the new upload screen!! 😁😰🔫

  • The codes on blue button!! Hmmm really interesting!..

  • I hate it

  • @yesenialissette 😔 it's horrible👎

  • @twinsmommy2012 , that's only if youu put your exact address of your house or something similar

  • @justsome_dude Exactly you don't have to use the map. It asks you yes or no. You can't just focus on one small thing about this update

  • Normal update, just a few unusefull add-ons were added...

  • ccva 5y ago

    I updated just cause my phone said I had a couple updates, and this was one of them! So far, I haven't seen too many changes... The few I have seen were no biggie- it just looked diff after I uploaded my pic to comment on it! That's it!! ☺

  • It's not , now anyone will post is going to show on your news page 😓

  • am4pm 5y ago

    @justsome_dude so of we turn off maps, will we STILL be able to geotag our photos like we've been doing or will we be forced to use maps in order to do it. I like being able to use geotags and creating a location that is close by. Seriously do not want my home on maps. Not cool!!! 👎

  • @justsome_dude not everything is bad about this. But being notified about someone else's map is annoying. And maybe I'm just a dumb ass but there's no disabling that for me atleast. Yeah it's very funny☺

  • f.xks 5y ago

    I wish I never upgraded it :(

  • am4pm 5y ago

    Because I could create a fake location or location that was close by my home instead of giving out my direct home and work location.
    It appears as if I have no choice but accept the actual location of the map now. Not cool

  • Спасибо.

  • am4pm 5y ago

    @justsome_dude oh really? Hmmm I wish there was an option to downgrade if we dont like the update. I swear I hate change!

  • @izdato shoutout PLEASE?

  • How do u view this "map"

  • Is the update bad @izdato its a good thing I didn't update it yet

  • Idk how to do ir

  • Haha I haven't upgraded

  • Ppl said it sux so I didnt

  • @babieepaulax3 thats good that you dont have to put your exact location i just though it sets it for you

  • Everyone is saying its bad so I'm not updating

  • Thts wat my profile does dont like it I shuld nvr upgrade it

  • 

  • Horrible!!!

  • @ilariamedici Yes, Fail!

  • msbes 5y ago

    Not a fan of it 😒

  • Instalado .... perfect

  • Pretty good will take some getting use to and i agree, stop notifying me when ppl put there fotos on the map

  • Booo 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • In australia it hasnt done it yet

  • Noooo

  • 👎😱

  • Not a fan of it

  • I hate this new version

  • @twinsmommy2012 yeah you do have a point.. Idk what the point of this whole thing was. The app was just fine the way it was. I already updated & got it so im stuck 😣

  • @newto2012 yes it has I have it and I'm in Australia

  • It doesnt say there is a update

  • Oh well yours is like stuffed or something @newto2012

  • @mollylovesya i have it now

  • The lay out looks crap they should of kept to the same lay out. But the photo map thing is cool but I didn't geotag any of my photos as well lol so I can't use it haha. But I guess I'll get use to it

  • I don't geotag either

  • Hate the map

  • I HATE the updated Instagram 😡

  • Hate how now if someone has their Facebook linked to IG if they like ya pic it shows on their wall!!!! Like wtf is sup with that!!!?!? 😡😠😡

  • @50sbeautycole that's really easy to deactivate in your sharing settings.

  • Mine isn't linked but; some of my friends are... Nothing I can do about that 😒

  • Hmm...not happening with me...must be a setting for that.

  • Good idea wouldve been to not update it 😁. I'm smart (;

  • .... Too late now for me ...

  • aikney 5y ago

    @the_doodledoob for me too.. 😞

  • Wat language is that

  • @realest27 I think that's Russian.

  • What do you think about this update?

  • Seems to work better than ever - fast!

  • I don't like it at all!!!

  • Я вот к своему стыду полный (не в физиологическом смысле) технический индеец (индейка?.. Индианка?..Индуска?..) короче прошивка у меня на Афоне моем еще какая-то такая, которую обновлять надо через айтюнс, что для меня является техногенным непреодолимым кошмаром... Я ничерта в этом не понимаю ... А у моих друзей, блин, нет времени мне помочь, чтобы потом я могла простым нажатием кнопочки обновлять все на свете!!! А в новом городе друзей пока и нету, к кому можно с щенячьей преданностью в глазах обратиться... В итоге я со старыми версиями кучи программ... А еще пара добрых людей установили мне программы со своего айдишника-их я тоже не обновляю - в итоге куча висяков в апсторе по обновленям... Мне лень удалять и устанавливать заново... О чем это я? Научите как обновить прошивку через айтюнс, чтобы я могла ее поднять потом и обновить хотя бы ИНСТАГРАМ, е-мое... Спасибо.

  • @tata_badalova я тоже ниче не умею))

  • Got mine updated ☺i like it

  • Not impressed. Especially with the follower updates 👎👎👎

  • Map. Very extraordinary

  • Agree with @stillstanding2 ! Super annoying !

  • Hate it...

  • Agreed! Not impressed...not very good at dealing with changes. :(

  • ceeluu 5y ago

    Same here I like the old style. This new "update" is too "facebookey" looking.

  • I miss the old layout. The new 1 sucks.

  • Hope it doesnt become like a "facebook"...

  • I had the same reaction when I read the notes.

  • Agree don't like it.

  • Well they are owned by the FB people 😱😱

  • 

  • I don't agree with photomap other abaout all i more care the old layout:) thank's

  • Don't like it not gonna download it old insta gram works fine for me i don't need maps and all that shit

  • @koligina ooo ok thanks :)

  • @piranha_3d how do you download an older version? I updated it without even realizing it.

  • I never up dated it so idk @kole_slaw

  • Oh ok. Thank you anyway @piranha_3d

  • For crying out loud people Facebook doesn't own instagram yet, and may never get too. The deal is being reviewed by the federal courts.

  • @realest27 no prob

  • @izdato опять???

  • Dont do it !

  • Why does nobody seem to like the update? It's not like they completely changed Instagram. My god people. Chill out. They just made it look a little different and added a new feature that you don't even have to use. The updated made the feed so much faster and smother and I honestly love the new look of Instagram. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Picky people these days...

  • Fine!

  • @smallfryrie Cuz its stupid and not the classic Instagram

  • I couldn't find photo map...but I only use iPad.

  • Don't get it , it's not that good and now I regret it!


  • @admiral_monk so? It is pretty dang close to the same thing. Quit being so picky.

  • @smallfryrie Not even close their supporting stalking!

  • @admiral_monk no they are not. They are simply just adding some new features that everybody uses it as if its stalking because of all the immature minds. Grow up

  • @admiral_monk hahaha I'm the immature one

  • @smallfryrie look at yourself

  • I like the new update.

  • Update is great!! Nice to see where shots are taken!

  • Can I have a shoutout please? :)

  • @izdato u must be pretty popular. Ppl keeps on asking for a shoutout lol

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