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She just came back from a play date...wearing the scariest fake nail ever.
  • curljam 269w ago

    Oh my. Looks like an adult nail on a child's hand!! Scary!!

  • I know! She told me it's great for scratching if you have an itch. 😂

  • curljam 269w ago


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Whoever came up with the expression 'when it rains, it pours' must have lived in Malta.
This morning's treat: lemon turmeric energy ball from @black_cat_cafe. It's vegan, anti-inflammatory and delicious. It feels like it was tailor-made for me!
Yesterday, the most daring investigative journalist my country has ever known was brutally killed. I've been sick to my stomach since the news broke and can't come to terms with it, like most other Maltese. What this country is coming to reminds me too much of the Malta I grew up in under Mintoff. Fear is making a comeback and I'll be damned if I raise my daughters in this cesspool. #ripdaphne
We haven't been on a date night since June but sometimes we manage to grab a coffee in the morning and that's good too. #itsthelittlethings
Just saw this and had to share it. It's scary because it's true (and we all know that, no matter what Donald Trump says).
Maths homework is always more bearable while having fun. 🌈
My heart just broke into a million pieces. Our baby started school today and it was much harder (on me) than I thought it would be. She, on the other hand, sat down on a small yellow chair, waved at us and said "Bye, mama!" with a smile. 💔 #ivysagunimermaid #thingsidontwanttoeverforget #happyschoolforever
Watching Doctor Foster at 6am because 1. It's the only time we have together before he has to go back to work, 2. It's the only time there aren't 3 girls interrupting us and 3. I should thank Katie from @mummydaddyme for getting me obsessed with Gemma.
10pm and she's still playing. 🤦🏻‍♀️
I've got a stiff neck and a [email protected]*load of work to do but my new best friend just arrived! 😁
Taking a moment to appreciate the grey skies, the fresh(ish) air and the fields beginning to turn slightly green. 💚
8 years ago today I said yes to a lifetime of raised toilet seats and of picking up dirty socks from all over the flat. A small price to pay for the privilege of growing old with my best friend and love of my life. ❤️ photo by the talented @jessica.c.moritz
Today should be her first day of school but she's not going because she's still recovering from a cold which she caught in Sweden. So we get to enjoy the baby of the house for a few more days (and I'm so grateful for it)! [photo by @georgesaguna, taken at @loonytorp] #ivysagunimermaid #thingsidontwanttoeverforget
Today's reading practice. Elsa dress because it's Sunday and there's no uniform to wear, beanie to keep her hair out of her face. #robinsagunimermaid
We've been back home for a week but it feels like 2 months have passed. What a week! The responsibilities keep piling on like Ivy's brick tower. I hope you're all keeping well!
She just told me "I wish I can drink your boobs" and I told her I wish she could too but that the milk had finished now. To which she replied "we should go buy more!". 😂 #ivysagunimermaid #thingsidontwanttoeverforget
Photo by Maia (@justme633)
She doesn't start school for another week but was so sure she was going with Robin that she screamed bloody murder from the second her sister walked into school till when we arrived home. 😬 #ivysagunimermaid