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twenty20 269w ago
Instagram 3.0 is out! What do you think about the update?
  • Updating too much is the reason Facebook & MySpace died take notes instagram I hate this

  • i don't like new profile look 🌀.🌀

  • I don't like ! 👎

  • imthedave 269w ago

    It's not about the pictures any more.....

  • I like some of the changes! But yeah the new profile page is not so good, looks a little facebookish. I wonder why, hehe

  • Can't geotag!!!

  • muno_63 269w ago

    I Don't like it , it's more like a Facebook now 

  • sofiakim1 269w ago

    Don't really like it

  • Has become much slower!!! #fail

  • felio 269w ago

    We act like babies. We don't like change. But change is good so get use to it. Good job 👍

  • Someone was smoking something when they came up with this update!! The profile pages are downright ugly now and what's up with the maps? I clicked on someones and all I got was disjointed grouped pics with no info. The only bright spot is not having to hit 'Load More' for pics on a tag or page. 👎👎

  • rjoyce 269w ago

    😁 so so likes and dislikes!😳

  • imjoee 269w ago

    I don't like it

  • jwahid 269w ago

    My grid pics r now ruined!!!

  • What happened to News??? The list gone and replaced by something worthless

  • jwahid 269w ago

    Why change from 4 photos to 3 photos on a row?

  • Sucks. It's going to start updating like every week just like facebook!


  • Don't like!!! Not updating on my phone!!👎

  • They copied Streamzoo on the profile page.

  • Like the look, but map is lame waste of time

  • @goobzilla before you update read these comments!

  • mr_pvmnt 269w ago


  • Downright ugly profile page now. Why did we need maps when you can see everyone's pic by going to their page? And I agree with @seamerias IG could run into real problems when kids start tagging their pics from home.

  • imthedave 269w ago

    changed the way comments are left too. Can't click on someone's name to go to their feed and can't scroll up and type to check names are spelt right 😁😁😁 Change is good but if it ain't broke why fix it??

  • I think that it's kinda bad. The only thing I like is infinite scrolling, but it still goes to the top of your feed when you delete a photo.

  • I need my old version back!!! 😔

  • People get used to things and like to keep it that way, aside for minor improvements. Complete facebook-like overhauls are usually the beginning of the end. Based on feedback I'm not upgrading yet...

  • @felio how do you geo tag existing photos so I can add them to the map?

  • Hmmm I think I like it but we'll see...

  • @mr0tt have u updated?

  • 381boo 269w ago

    Seriously, you needed to tell people that it was gona be three in a row. It doesn't bother me but I was a massive fan of @digital_rebelz feed which is done in grid form, and now this has ruined the whole layout of his shots. Gutted. What you gona do Jonny. I mean all ur shots are still awesome, but it has messed all your grids!!

  • jclawgray 269w ago

    Loved the old layout! Why? Maps?

  • aszcs 269w ago

    Like it, but where is the official iPad app?!?!?!

  • mr0tt 269w ago

    @rskimagery ya, took forever cause we were driving and using a mifi. But it's uploaded. Hope it wasn't a mistake. Lol

  • @mr0tt ya I haven't updated yet, waiting to see what everyone says first lol

  • ☝👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • mr0tt 269w ago

    @rskimagery it's WAAAAAY different. But you can scroll down your photo feed. Look at an old photo, exit and not have to get taken back to the start. Layout is weird. 3 wide. Not 4. Seems faster and some new mapping thingy. Lol

  • lalaithbr 269w ago

    Well, I liked. Nothing much different. I like that I can see a thumbnail of the photo in the caption space...

  • @digital_rebelz if you have back up in iTunes before change I think you can go back by installing it thru cable sync pic apps manually

  • @mr0tt oh crazy. That's cool about the feed tho

  • Love it

  • I don't like the new profile page and most of all I don't like the way my pics look against the grey and with that frame around them. I really hope they change it back because of all the negative reactions they are getting!!!!

  • @instacnvs I'm not updating even if I have to look at that red dot FOREVER which drives me CRAZY

  • It's nice ! Very clean 👍

  • location, location, location

  • Diggin' it, right on lol.

  • odeliana 269w ago


  • jobalchin 269w ago

    Like it, but need to be able to edit location tags.

  • nazaret 269w ago


  • felio 269w ago

    @jobalchin what I do I just location services on for cameras. Take a pic. Doesn't matter where you post, the location of the picture will always come up using instagram no matter if the original pic was taken 1,000 mile away

  • Loving the map feature! 👍

  • dafyciro 269w ago


  • Numbers of Photos/Followers/Following gone on my iPhone 3G

  • I'm scared to update... I think I'll keep the old one for now! 😜✌

  • I don t like the grid form...

  • kholo0d 269w ago


  • Numbers of P/F/F is back again.. Warned friends not to update and encouraged enemies to do

  • fedemoja2 269w ago

    profile page really sucks, remind me FB, 4 always better than 3...

  • laurelbh 269w ago

    I don't like the squared profile view. I prefer the old profile, but the new features are good!

  • @garretla Yuppers, that's what happens when liars sell out to Zuckerberg 👍 I was waiting to see what they came up w/on this 3.0!!!

  • Afraid to update now...

  • lisa_g80 269w ago

    Loving the new update, looks so much better. I say keep it 😄

  • Glad I read this, not updating to 3.0!

  • I did update and am grateful I've only geotagged one photo! I turned it off once my electronically savvy kids told me how bad it is!!!! Still can't delete a photo w/out going back to the beginning, that update would have made this whole FB mess at least tolerable!

  • I regret upgrading. I don't like it.

  • Awesome!!! Luv it!!! Thanks to all programmers in @instacnvs

  • works really fast.. but visually.. Mmmm ..profile has a foursquare rare style.. Instagram please don't stop being SIMPLE..!

  • kama_art 269w ago

    💩💩💩!!! destroyed ALL my 4x4 mosaics😡😡😡

  • I don't want to know about how many photos people are adding to their maps, on what used to be MY news page (what people said about my pics and who liked what! ) Isn't that what the page regarding who your following is about? It's going to be WAY to much news to look through just to make sure you're not missing people's comments. I hate it when I miss a comment because I feel rude about not responding. I don't like the profile page or the x3 layout!! Not fair to those that planned their entire gallery around a 4 square layout. Not me but I know some have done this. I DO like the endless feed so far and the speed of the photos loading. I'll play some more and see how I feel.

  • tanyamac_ 269w ago

    Glad I didn't update my iPad!!

  • pea_elf 269w ago

    @instacnvs not a fan of the mapping. Kinda wish I didn't update to be honest.

  • It's awful!!! It sucks!!

  • The old layout was so much better this is to much like stupid Facebook.

  • @lovejonesxoxo you are so right!

  • Don't like it much.. I wonder how I can get back to the old one

  • gochazh 269w ago

    Very good

  • It's fine as long as it doesn't get like Facebook.

  • 269w ago

    I like the old layout way better, this is so ugly... I also hate the map thing. I honestly don't care about not having to refresh. I really wish I hadn't updated.

  • Can you go backwards and geotag vacation pics ?

  • We should be able to geolocate old photos like Panaramio. I don't understand why it had to already have location data to add it to the map. A lot of the location data is wrong anyways since a lot of people upload stuff after they take it.

  • jobalchin 269w ago

    @felio Thanks, unfortunately most of my pics were incorrectly@geotagged so I've removed from from the map.

  • Not too crazy about update..previous layout looked better and was more intuitive!

  • There was no turning gear at start-up before. Irri

  • jorujes 269w ago

    I don't like it

  • @instacnvs @instagram you need to have the option to change the location or add location to an already posted pic

  • brooksx3 269w ago

    nope don't like it. I got away from Facebook cuz it was stupid, and now ig is starting to look like Facebook... oh yeah, must be becuz Facebook bought ig. -_-

  • I don't really like it.

  • Not crazy about it

  • felio 269w ago

    @jobalchin is because when you don't have location services on during the time of the pic, the new Instagram 3.0 will locate your post to true location of the place you post the pic. Example your home

  • felio 269w ago

    @jobalchin taking a pic or posting a pic will give you different locations.

  • herrk 269w ago


  • I like it 😄 but also I agree with @elandogold, what about posted pics? It does not allow to add the location.

  • chibihalo 269w ago

    Here's my non scientific take on the whole reaction to the update. Ten percent of responses to any post about this are real an justifiable concerns about the Photomap or what the update does on their device. Ten percent is based in Facebook hate. Ten percent is reactionary to fear-mongering by a portion of the last ten percent. And the final seventy percent is pure resistance to change. Half of the ninety percent of the comments in the negative come from people who most likely haven't even played around with the update. The other forty-five percent comes from people hate they updated because they instantly think it's Zuckerberg's doing and not Kevin's idea. That said, I love the speed an that it does what Statigram does with our feeds when we get to the end of the page. I'm getting used to the map but I wish custom tags went by where each photo was shot and not where the first tagged shot was taken. I have things from Kentucky and Georgia wrongly placed in Florida because they share the same custom tag. Hopefully, they can let us edit that part of the photo in the future.

  • I'm not too happy with it. Looks like streamzoo.

  • jerripics 269w ago

    Don't like the map!!! Dislike the frames around the pictures on the profile page. Some things should remain the same!!! IG, please do not become like FB ;( @sparkymcfly AGREE!! I also got away from FB!

  • vanzephyr 269w ago

    So far I'm half half. Don't like how the profile page looks now. They have frames for all the pics now which looks kinda silly. Thk goodness I just abandoned the "4 pics with the same theme " format. Do like the easier scrolling of my own pics & looking at the pics of ppl I am following .. It's much easier now

  • Map ???... If you're not smart about it you can post where you live ... Too many stalkers ... (especially drunk posting)... Fix it @instagram ... Make it give you a ore warning before posting

  • Pre^*

  • I haven't upgraded and based on the comments I don't think I will. One thing that did change are the comments. I don't need to know who uploaded xx photos to their map.

  • kjwells22 269w ago

    Not liking it.... AT ALL!! 😞

  • geekosaur 269w ago

    NO. 😡

  • geekosaur 269w ago

    Facebook ruins EVERYTHING

  • samishh 269w ago

    Dont like!!!

  • carlonzo 269w ago

    Go Facebook..go on ruining IG..i'm so glad your stocks are falling down in Nasdaq! F*ck!

  • I like it.

  • I don't like to update so I have one of the old versions. It's classic and I like

  • Wonderful❤

  • iwaykotto 269w ago


  • I wish they would make it do when you go to someones profile you can click on their profile pic and it would enlarge. 😉 How do you move your pics to the map? I can't figure it out. Ha ha.

  • inonk 269w ago

    Is not the map of where the photos is taken but the map of where we download it ....

  • inonk 269w ago

    Im confused

  • Don't like the 3 image of my panoramas is destroyed thanks to it...

  • Haven't done it! Not sure I really want to! But know I won't have a choice! Don't particularly want it though from what I've seen and heard! *big sigh*

  • y_n73 269w ago

    Huhu, I use ip 2g and can't update new insta :(

  • ❤ Infinite scroll

  • mmadness 269w ago

    I'm not sure how much I like 3k people knowing where my house is..

  • I like the old layout better. It's a little confuse for me.

  • lisa_g80 269w ago

    @instacnvs How do you add your photos you already have on here to your photo map please??

  • diet_mar 269w ago

    I like that you now can browse a feed infinately without tapping a button to see more but damn, I had a concept of four pics in a row, did series of four pics that fit together 😁 I have no prob to change that for the future but my past pics don't fit anymore 😁 I also think that the new grey border isn't that good as you have to upload square pics otherwise it won't look that good. In the past it looked nice if you left a white background to a pic with other format, ir's harder now to get a beautiful look to pics in another format... Photo map, well, if I could get my old pics into that it would be interesting... Tried to post that with my other account @hipsta_abstract several times...gone, gone and the bugfixes don't contain the disappearing comments 😔

  • Why should I be interested in all those messages in my NEWS/You abt added photos to THEIR photo map? I am not

  • walkwith 269w ago

     glad to swing by on this post

  • Like it

  • It suxs

  • *ducks

  • **sucks

  • Lagging

  • Horrible 😓

  • Suck!!

  • Photo maps are really pointless and the theme is awful , boring and crap.

  • I like! Don't care for photo maps @instacnvs

  • stylzuniq 269w ago

    I L💋VE IT

  • javierann 269w ago

    Like it except for the photo maps..

  • Photo maps are lame other then that its all good

  • chelseamh 269w ago

    I thought the photo maps would be cool but they don't work well...the new profiles are okay but the old ones were fine. That new loading symbol drives me crazy for some reason, it's so UGLY

  • hey instacanvas. i was just wondering what the depth on all the canvases would be. i'm stocking up on 20x20 frames but just want to make sure they'll be deep enough to fit the entire canvas so it'll be flush with the wall. hope you can help me out. thanks!

  • If I'm being honest @instacnvs photo maps is pants, reason I say that is pics tag with the country I took them it shows up on photo map with my current location, for example I have taken a bunch of pics from Africa, then have uploaded pics from London where I live, it shows up on my photo map as my current location. Why does it do that, please FIX this.

  • @instacnvs ~ Where I feel improvements can be made. 1) Allow users to #tag at least 50 #tags when uploading pics, 30 is too little. 2) Allow users to have more than 150 characters for your profile. 3) fix photo map, it doesn't work as it should.

  • Cool

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