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Got my offical crumbt sticker for the Impreza from my homie @crumbt_cakes ✌✌✌ best in the west
This shot of phantom is nearly the same shade as the ground 😂 amazing bud from the homie tho 🔥🔥 #phantomstrain
Nice little cone of ghost og with some ghost crystals 👌 #flavourcountry #ghostog
Snap of steve and me from friday night
Busy sunday ending in a gta sesh is a good way to unwind hit me up if you're on ps4 "coco-vicious" #ps4 #sunday #blazed
Strawberry diesel 🔥🔥 this strain always smells and tastes amazing #strawberrydiesel #alwaysthebest
Dope as dope smoke! Ghost OG! 🖒👌🖒👌😈😈
Got some strawberry diesel 👌 cant wait to try this badboy!
Picture of me and my little sister about 11+ years ago #timeschanging #allgrownup
Sprouted this from a seed i found in some random bud apparently from adelaide. Gave it to a friend, glad to see its coming along nicely. #sativa #maybe
Ahh take me back already holidays are never long enough #nelsonsbay
Feeling like god at nelsons bay haha 😂 was so high up
Awesome time checking out the views, such a beautiful place 😍 @reaganlyon