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There are no words to describe the complete shock and devastation I feel right now for a city I called home for more than three years and a city that I still very much feel like I am a part of the community. I am so thankful that my friends from Las Vegas and Nashville that attended and worked the Route 91 music festival are physically okay, but am heartbroken over the traumatizing event they experienced last night. I am praying that they all will recover emotionally and mentally from this heinous act and for all the families that lost loved ones. #PrayForVegas #Vegas #LasVegas
Goes to Big Bear, takes pictures of other people skiing πŸŽΏβ˜ƒοΈπŸŒ²
Taking pictures on the beach > getting ready. Sorry, friends. Merry Christmas!
If I lose myself tonight, it'll be by your side πŸ’“ @alesso