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heyladay 270w ago
#whatimdoingnow @argyles laying in bed trying to not get up and realizing its not my dog laying behind me... Lol

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When the Snapchat filters actually work on your dog for once 😂👍🏻
#blessed I love my dad (especially with pretty flowers on his head) Happy Fathers Day ❤️
Saturday morning porch hangs with my bestie
Even covered in mud I love my Docs 😍 I'm going to take a trip to chi town to visit @kareejo and @jdepoyster soon and get another pair! Maybe @jdepoyster will also FINALLY get me the $15 pair of shoes he still owes me years later?! 😂
You guys! I felt real pretty last night!! 😍 I need to get a pic of this full outfit cause it is 🔥!
Thank God for friends and music, and the day Travis saw Paulnacky Rd (idk how to spell it lol)
Here's a snap shot of my 96 year old grandma and I at a Reds game on Easter 2017 ❤️😍😘 her first time to Great American Ballpark
Swipe for more pictures of this butterfly who loved me 😍🦋 it landed on my back and I didn't know and I heard this little voice "excuse me, you have a butterfly on your back" thanks kid!
Had a free Saturday night and got to hang with this turd. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before she did... 😂
It may have taken a few times for us to both open our mouths at the same time, but we finally did it 😂 Birthday fun with my bear 💜
Here's some beautiful flowers for 4/20 that I got yesterday for my birthday 😜🤓
When you resist eating it (for a few secs) because it's plated so pretty 😜🤓🤤
Did I even eat any of it?!?! Hahaha sommuch food!!!!