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gawking over estuaries from a metal bird in the sky ✈️
freckles and kitty cuddles 😻
I understand that some people use humour to diffuse uncomfortable situations, but I am not in an abusive relationship. I have a black eye from my rugby game this past Saturday. And no, I don't think your abusive relationship jokes are funny.
Everyone: yay ice cream! Me: but this tree tho. | thanks @mackaystephanie for raising a lil hippie ✌️
Being an adult means: you can go to Wyoming for the weekend, just because. @m.l.kennedy #roadtripsarecool
Didn't listen to Total Eclipse of the Heart on repeat, but I did look at the sun. #thanksbillnye
Hey look, I'm in a flowery meadow! Mind the smoke haze.
Thanks @minderama for the picture 🤘.
Spent the past two days cleaning and doing maintenance for a Caribou maternity pen with a killer view. #parkslife #ilovemyjob
sttormy 10w ago
International Peace Park pt. 2 | Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada | Fun fact: here, the wetland riches lie before you.
sttormy 10w ago
International Peace Park pt. 1 | Glacier National Park, USA | Fun fact: forest fires bring wildflowers