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Remember when you were a kid and you had your best friends in the whole wide world that meant everything to you and all you did was laugh and laugh and laugh and get lost in adventure and time because nothing else in the moment even mattered? It's kind of exactly like that.
Getting ready for another summer of desert surf.
Woke up at 3 A.M. Sunday so I could watch the sunrise over the Mojave. I was headed home to Las Vegas. The clouds sort of hid the sun, but it didn't matter. I had Interstate 15 all to myself, and there's nothing like the open road and painted desert. It was goddamn glorious.
Sorry to double up between @mercedesmotoring and personal life, but I like this pic of Pelé in the driveway, so here it is again in case you follow both. 👐🏾
Sorry to all the car geeks who are only here for the Mercs, but I only post dog photos now.
Dreaming about the neighbor's Bichon Frise again.
Between Savannah and New Orleans we spent the night in Tallahassee. Remind me to tell you about that someday.
I stayed home today and just watched it rain. What a show.
Another summer gone... wait, cancel that. I just looked at the forecast.