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tovah.p 269w ago
After a morning at Ambleside beach, she seems daunted by the task at hand. #SavoryIslandPie #RaisingFoodies

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Happy thanksgiving! Bergandy told me yesterday that she worries by the time she's 30 the world will be so bad it would be better to be dead. We spent the next half an hour talking about how humanity has continually moved towards greater equality, greater opportunity and greater understanding over the last few hundred years. And how that path is imperfect and uneven and sometimes valleys seems impossibly deep, but how the path none the less is moving towards a vision of equal opportunity and equal rights - a vision that is definitely worth living, working and fighting for. Much to be thankful for this thanksgiving. Including my daughters reflections and the opportunity to really reflect on all the good in our live. #thanksgiving
Extreme airpark next to the arena for the tournament weekend win #thanksgiving #hockey #tournament #fun
No where she'd rather be at 6am on Saturday #hockeylife #siblings #family
I got to spend a few hours goofing around with these goofballs and appreciated every moment #fieldtrip #flexibleworking #beingpresent
Quiet mornings in the woods with the pooch are where I do my best work. The actual writing it down part when I get home is secondary. #thinking #doing
Asher and I snuck in midweek big kid time! Thanks to our friend @alvinsingh for the great tix! #canucks #bigkidnight
Thrilled @radius_sfu could work with @RECODE to host Daniela Papi-Thorntonfor two (packed) talks on #systemschange education in #Vancouver! Feeling grateful my job involves convening amazing thinkers and learning from them! Pic from @smithshawn ! @sfubeedie #sfuinnovates
An honour to support @theolamb and @cardona_diego in their run with @visionvancouver for #vsb and #citycouncil respectively. So much passion for building a healthy, affordable city full of opportunity. Both fierce advocates for community determined to serve those communities. #votevision #oct14 #bielection
Appreciating the new bike lanes on grand boulevard. The stretch from #LynnValley centre under the highway to the boulevard is still pretty sketchy for commuting with kids. #bikelanes #northvancouver #moreplease