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jstockt12 270w ago
It got pretty cold at work. Only jacket I found.

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Rook Run 2017. This year it rained and it was so much more fun. @rookcoffee #longbranch
Old friends meet again. Beat the shit out of Golden State for me my dude. @damianlillard
This passed weekend I finally got to see my best friend get married. She's been crying for a husband for the longest time 😂. Got to party with my peeps down in the O. Also got to attend Disney with MY O. A 13 inning Rays game. A classic weekend. A rare NBN sighting as well!
#SummerSlam weekend in NYC brings em all out. @wwethebigshow broke his hand by chopping my ass. #wrestlingislife
@jujimufu giving us the opportunity to share a day in his life was definitely worth a day in mine. Follow my new friend, he's insane.
#tbt to a week and a half ago to a road trip that took forever but was all worth the insane amount of places and fun the Big 3 went through. @marisavice couldn't make the trip but we understand you had better things to do. We missed you. From Philly to Columbia to Athens to Atlanta to Tampa to Orlando and Gainesville. We survived.
#TBT with the new well deserved crowned MVP! Mr triple double! @russwest44
Man time flies. Growing up with these guys were maadd fun. Great camp today in Nyack with the @mccourtytwins #triplets
Good luck to my good friends De'Aaron Fox of Kentucky and 7 footer Lauri Markkanen of Arizona in the NBA draft tonight. Hoping my boy @swipathefox goes to Orlando!
888, your ugly ass is so gone. BR is ready for the new. Here's to a new era. 1633 ain't ready!! @g_squared_201 @kpells @msteinmetz12 @gatto116
NFL Draft Day 2017. Back2Back National Champ contender. National Champion Deshaun Watson, get that first round pick son. #nfldraft #clemson #tigers
#tbt when now I belong with an elite group of guys like Lebron and Shaq. Larry O Trophy. NBA Champ.
Today I finally fucked the police with Amerikkkas most wanted #bowdown @icecube #childhoodhero
#tbt with the new GM of my 49ers. Congrats to my good friend, John Lynch.
Super hot 29 year old over here. Last year in your 20's. Don't waste that shit cause it's your last before you marry my wack ass! #onewholeyearleft HAPPY BDAY!!! @marisavice You da best. #imyourbigbootyhoe