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Sold my Xbox one and got a ps4 instead.
Call of oniichan modern loli. Best game ever, game of the year 10/10 d^_^b
One of the best animes out there. Lucky star
My Rachel Alucard nendroid from getting the limited edition of blazblue chrono phantasma
YES!!! FINALLY!!! Blazblue chrono phantasma is out now. I got limited edition version of it. d^_^b
Going home now. Its been a fun day hanging out with friends at the skate park and then skating around the area skating some spots. Today was an awesome day
Some spot that gets annoying with cars getting in the way alot. But still is fun
Skating in front of a bank some gap I can't believe I never saw lol
Now we're at McDonalds for a quick snack and then back out to skate
Skating a hockey rink that was empty. It was fun and we played SKATE.
This middle school has there own challenge course. Wow that's crazy
My main for chaos code. Celia II Kai This is a great game to practice on ps3 while waiting on blazblue chrono phantasma in a week and 6 days. I can't wait
I've been so pumped for this game. I love Arc System Works they make the best anime games ever.
IM BACK!!! I got a new phone now its a windows phone. My last phone broke
We didnt care about the hockey game going on we were doing the 5 set right there on the bleachers. Crazy things went down that set! #care #hockey #game #stair #set #bleachers #crazy #insane #tricks #awesome #cool #skate #skatelife #skateboard #skateeverydamnday #spot #nice #loud #killed