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  • mrjimm 270w ago

    Great shot!!..

  • Not always. If there is a storm at night then there would be no sun to shine on the microscopic water droplets (that would create a rainbow) so therefore, you would have no rainbow. So, your point is invalid, go die in a hole. #PROVENWRONG. LOVE YOU!❤ I just had to say it. But I still love you. and always will. Unless you eat my food. Then I won't. jk you do eat my food and I still love you. So ya. Okay bye!❤💛💚💙💜

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Little throwback post because I can't wait to ride in the last show of the season next weekend with these two lovelies😍🐎
Happy Birthday to my bf @jennachampagne ! I wouldn't change listening to your trap, watching you dance/record on my phone after some wine, annoying you at work or just making amazing memories for the world! I love you so much, and only 365 more days until you're 21!😜🎊🍷💕
Brockport is treating me well with my best friend💕🎊
It was a tougher last Jumper Show, but he put his all into it and at least we looked good and I got a wine glass🤗 🍷
Can't wait for hockey to start so @maura_mc & I can still rep Luke & look for cute hockey players💁😈
New York State Fair 2017 is a wrap!
Had such an amazing time with my boy😍 He did the best he ever has in that Coliseum & I couldn't be prouder.
Another Champion at Jumpers!💪😍 Now onto the next show at the Fair!!!
A view I will never get tired of😍
N 43°46.3405
W 74°47.8920
Happy 21st freaking Birthday to my best friend @cewcew1 🍻🎉! We have created so many amazing memories together & I can't wait to make even more! You are one of the most important people in my life & I love you so much! Have an awesome day babe & I can't wait to celebrate with you soon! (Ps I tried to choose the least hideous but still embarrassing pics of us at the end😂😂❤)
Happy 19th Birthday to my baby boy Jericho! He may be just now starting to show his age, but he's still the spitfire I know & love. This horse has my heart & I have his in return, so here's to many more years (of him dealing with my annoying antics) & memories bubs!❤🎉😊
Thankful to have spent the last whole week down in Hatteras with my best friend. Thank you so much @jennachampagne for bringing me & I hope to make more memories down here again in the future😊 Love you💕
It's not vacation until you take a donut float pic 🍩 🌞
First Hunter Show of the season completed with my boy😍💪
Got double Reserve Champions today at our 2nd Jumper Show of the year! So proud of my bubs today😎💪 and @selinamedina_ thank you as always for being my mexican!!!! Love you❤❤
She makes my @thehollandnative jersey look good😏 Love you💕
Last night I was able to attend another senior ball, this time with 2 of my best friends. Thank you for inviting me & for sharing this memory with me! Love you both so much💕.
Glad to have spent some time with @maura_mc last night😊
Happy Memorial Day!❤💙 ❤