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  Posted: Aug 15, 2012 1:53 PM FEED
6 X-Pro II
#PhotoadayAug Day 14 - Ready... To go for a bike ride

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Last day in #HCMC calls for #doshdoughnuts and one last Vietnamese coffee from these two lovely ladies ☕🍩
Vietnamese doughnuts are delicious 😋 get on board.
Excellent night hooning around HCMC in peak hour traffic on the back of a motorbike with my new friend, Thien. Delicious food and great conversation. Going to miss you, Vietnam 🇻🇳😢
If only every day could start with icy cold Vietnamese coffee and a fresh watermelon juice. ☕🍉🇻🇳
Last day in paradise 🌴🇻🇳 This spot in front of our villa will do.
Loved every minute of our time here in Mango Bay, the staff (and cocktails and food) have been amazing.
We came to Phu Quoc under the assumption the weather would be better down here than Halong Bay and Hanoi but it's pretty bloody wet. No chance of lying on the beach but I'm sleeping like a baby every night and catching up on some reading. 📚😴
Reading: Scrappy Little Nobody - @annakendrick47
Stormy Scrabble session at #mangobay whilst drinking my new favourite cocktail, a coriander and lychee gimlet. 🍸😍🌴
When you arrive at your accommodation for the next 6 nights and realise you will be lulled to sleep by the sea. 🙉🐚🌴😴💘 #mangobay
Two personalities in one photo. @mickrad enthralled by the excitement, me trying to avoid it.
My new little bestie, 4 week old con mèo, Lina. 😻
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 3:05 AM
21 Clarendon
One more sleep until we take off for Vietnam with so many of my favourite work people. 🍹🌞🌴🇻🇳
Throwback to Thursday. @seekau's #LawsOfAttraction hits #Sydney. Unpacking what attracts candidates to their new role. Thanks to our amazing panelists from #commbanklife and #pwcsydney and our own internal gurus, Caroline & Kendra. And host with the most, @kminall #seekstagram
Aguamenti! Forgot about these @luciesnape