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smirby 10w ago
I never imagined that I would be wishing for Beijing air!
smirby 18w ago
Our students become alumni of four universities and the CDM.... All at once. @centredigimedia
smirby 18w ago
Min (Michelle) Fan is the first MDM grad to go on to complete a PhD. Well done!
smirby 18w ago
Three columns of MDM grads today! So proud of all of you! @centredigimedia #CDM
smirby 18w ago
Blood donation time at the CDM.
smirby 26w ago
Stones embedded in concrete. That’s how we built our stairs.
smirby 29w ago
Flour, water, salt, and yeast. Magic.
smirby 29w ago
More rocks were embedded in concrete this week.
smirby 30w ago
Smokey watches. I split and stack. We all have our specialities.
smirby 31w ago
Ryan Peterson of Finger Food Studio - operator of the Holodeck. And MDM partner!
smirby 32w ago
Dramatic skies at main and terminal.