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Fancy langos. Shrimp paste, radish

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Admittedly first time having the birthday cake from Milk Bar - thoroughly impressed and very happy having this as dessert back in my room. The crunchy crumbs strewn throughout the layers really makes it. Best part - slice of this *really* makes you feel like it’s your birthday! 🎂
Incredible prime rib set. Obviously delicious @patlafrieda 60-day aged beef, but the A5 wagyu fat fries and kimchee bearnaise was insane. 🤤
Had to go with the 60-day aged @patlafrieda prime rib set. A5 wagyu fat fries, ‘korean’ cheese corn (grilled corn topped with raclette sauce), salad w/ ‘benihana’ dressing, horseradish cream, mustard bordelaise, kimchi bearnaise. Thank you for the 1/2 portion for the 2 of us, @momofukulasvegas! 🙏🏼
Dreaming of this luscious lobster roll. Sweet juicy meat on a perfectly toasted light and airy butter split roll. Still haven’t found a better one here at home. Awesome to be able to get Luke’s on the west coast.
First attempt at homemade dưa món - a Vietnamese fish sauce pickle. Dehydrated carrots and daikon to rehydrate in a fish sauce + sugar brine until ready. 🙏🏼
First attempt at homemade dưa món - a Vietnamese fish sauce pickle. Dehydrated carrots and daikon. Definitely underestimated how much the veg shrinks. Veg is still chewy and has a really nice sweetness to them.
First attempt at homemade dưa món - a Vietnamese fish sauce pickle. Prep - carrots and daikon sliced and salt-rinsed before going into the oven to dehydrate.
Favorites from the samplers were the incredibly luscious, tender and gelatinous Chicharron - pork rinds simmered in chile verde on top of black beans, served with green serrano chile and Cochinita Pibil - shredded pork cooked in a sweet, red achiote spice on top of black beans, served with pickled red onions and habanero chile. Had a few rounds of these!
Fish taco and their special "quesadilla" with chorizo. Thick slice of queso, pan fried.
The cutest little mini tacos. The sampler - house made tortillas with traditional braised meats on each one. Very unique and delicious take on tacos, a nice change from usual taqueria meat offerings.
Faves @tacomaria - pork belly tocino taco and the fried black cod taco. House hot sauce and extra charred scallion aioli on the side. 👌🏼
The house special shrimp. This totally unassuming orange-chicken-looking plate was seriously good. House garlic buttery, savory glazed fried shrimp. Just enough batter to form a thin shell that stayed crispy under the glaze. 🔥
THE most incred whole fried fish - super crunchy skin and bones (whole head was like a giant crackling). The sticky and gelatinous flounder fins are so good!🐠
Meal for 6 but for 2. Whole fried flounder, house special shrimp, salt and pepper shrimp, house special lobster, shaking beef. Need help next time. 🦐🐠🦐
Dessert was a simple palate cleanser - yuzu honey frozen yogurt, fresh strawberry sauce, matcha graham cracker & rice puffs.
Main course and main reason I booked this @noodleinhaystack @eatfeastly meal was this super special seasonal ramen. "Shio Butter Clam Ramen" - sofritto shio tare, garlic infused chicken schmaltz, triple soup: chicken, 4 fish blend dashi, and clam stock, konbu compound butter, 12hr sous vide, torched, 5 day marinated pork shoulder chashu, Hokkigai Surf clam, Littleneck clam, Asari clam, fresh charred corn, 4 day marinated Ajitama egg, Okinawan Aosa-Nori seaweed. Such an incredible broth. Super clean but deep clam flavor. Umami on umami from the layers of broth melded together in the bowl. And that konbu butter! Wish I could keep a stick of that in my fridge.