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  Posted: Aug 13, 2012 11:22 PM FEED
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Late afternoon conversations are my favorite. ••• We are planning Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas.••• We are also screaming at all the trucks driving by. ••• These three fill my heart so much.
Sunday mornings. ••• The hubbs is up early making breakfast, he loves to cook, thank god because I don’t. ••• My children are in the living room fighting over who gets to watch what cartoon this morning and I’m like give me all the coffee. ••• does someone want to come clean my house so I can snuggle in bed again all day. Because let’s be honest the #pnwonderland clouds makes me sleepy.
My family let me sleep until 11. ••• I am still coughing a month later and it is making it very hard to sleep. We will be spending our day snuggling and watching Halloween movies! ••• First up #hocuspocus.
I’ve been a little MIA this week since I started a new job! ••• This is exactly what I needed to end this hump day. •••Sometimes life is just overwhelming and taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the roses is just what I need.
We had a fun family fall filled day. ❤️ I can’t believe how big these two are getting. There is nothing better than building memories at the same places every year.
Woke up with a migraine. The hubbs took our sweet girl to dance class with little brother in tow. ••• He just forgot one child at home #dogmomprobs. ••• I will just be here enjoying my pumpkin spice creamer and some HGTV. Happy Saturday friends!
#Fbf to my Friday day with providence. It had been a wonderful ride. I am so blessed by the people who have touched my life here. I have made some really great friends, and lasting memories. As I close this chapter and move on to further my career in the medical field I am so thankful for all I’ve learned here. •••Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back some day. ❤️
Everyone is over here with cute pictures of their babies sleeping, and I’m just like my kids don’t sleep 👌🏻
Mornings.. once I am awake, I love them. ••• Zoey spends most mornings asking all kinds of inquisitive questions, or telling me all kinds of stories. And Jonah is always busy. As you can see he is “helping me” with the laundry. •••This coffee never tasted so good. I am so excited for my new job to allow me more mornings at home with my sweet babies.
Oh my handsome Husband, thank you for all you do, for always willing to be silly for our kids. Your smile is contagious. I love you with all my heart . #mcm #marriedup #hunk
Been pretty MIA the last week trying to recover from a cold. We all know that takes 3x longer when your a mom. Because #teamnosleep and this silly cough doesn’t help. ••• I am feeling all kinds of bittersweet going into my last week at my current job. I am so excited to be able to further my medical experiences and be home more with this sweet girl and her brother. ••• Happy Sunday friends. Also GO HAWKS!
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 10:03 PM
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Can someone please remind my son over there that I’m sick too because he’s running me ragged. ••• I guess two is time to explore. At least it’s still sunny out in October and we can enjoy our back yard a little more with some layers. ••• My house is still a mess, but I’m okay with that because I’m alive and so are my babies.
Another quiet (for now) sick day for this Momma. ••• this little guy is sure enjoying all this extra time with mommy. He’s recovering too, so I’m enjoying all the extra snuggles. ••• Sissy is at school and I’m praying she doesn’t get this nasty cold. I start a new job in a couple weeks and I’m looking forward to more time at home with my little babes.
Almost done. Just some spider webs in that bush and we will be Octoberfied. ••• Today I woke up with a broken heart, with the news about Vegas I questioned why this keeps happening. I was dreadfully concerned with raising my kids in this world, and bringing more into it. ••• Today I will be thankful for my home where I know my children are safe, where I can build them a beautiful future, where I can teach them that love is the only way to live a full life. ••• Jesus calls us to love god and our neighbors, my children will always know his truths. My heart and prayers are will all those involved, all their families, and all the professionals helping with the aftermath. ••• I might throw in an extra hug at bedtime tonight, but I am thankful There is a new day coming.
Thanks @target for this glorious mom sized mug. ••• I woke up today and just couldn’t face adulthood without coughing up a lung. #sickday for mommy. ••• on the bright side we have trolls to entertain us until sissy goes to school. My son talks nonstop as he is learning all kids of new words, pray for my head people. ••• Also super excited to be joining my friend in a fitness group this month, maybe this mombod will get a bit more fit.
Trying to get something done . Thank god for my husband. He made this homemade chicken soup for me, well and him. ••• I am so excited for what October is bringing. More family time, a new job, and the start of my favorite time of year. ••• Its cloudy, cold, and sweater weather. This momma is a happy camper
Still sick. Still in bed. My third child is keeping me company 🐶 #dogmom
I am sick laying in bed. My sweet husband brought all my favorite and bad for you things. ••• It is silent downstairs, why is it that kids are always at their worst when mom is around. I am just going to lay here enjoying the peace for an extra hour.
I have a sick kid and a model. Can you guess who is who 😂••• meanwhile daddy is making us popcorn and we're snuggling on the couch watching our old but frequent friend frozen. ••• I wouldn't want to spend my nights any other way.
I will love you forever and ever babe. You hold my heart, captivate my mind, drive me crazy and love me fiercely. ❤️