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Valiant Fundamentals ⚜️⚡️✨ #UTWD
Hey LA!!! ☀️ Today, we get another shot at winning the iPhone 8 on Snapchat. When you are at the location go to to open the lens. Follow the prompts and spot the 8! Here is your CLUE: Meet by the West Hollywood wall whose color was inspired by a flamingo and was briefly a rainbow. 🌈📱 #ad #sponsored
Working hard and appreciating the blessings of #life. Every day above ground is a good day, never forget... 💜🎼🎹✨ Watch my IG story now for details on how to win an Iphone8!! 👀📱
You could win an iPhone 8 to activate on Verizon! Find the hidden virtual 8s on Snapchat all around Los Angeles. The fun starts tomorrow (9/19). #ad
Two of my most favorite ladies, grateful to get to spend the weekend with them. 💜#grandma #sister #family #love @nina_schnall
I just donated $1'000 dollars to The Red Cross to aid in the relief of the horrendous flooding and wind damaged that has ravaged Texas. Many experts believe this hurricane is worse than Katrina and Sandy combined, therefor I felt it was incumbent on me to do my part. We can not stand by and wait for our government to act.
I call on all entrepreneurs, business friends, family and those of any means to do whatever you can. #love #support #prayfortexas 💜
People we believed in they don't even show their face now... ⚜️⚡️✨ #nothingwasthesame
Very excited to announce the revamped official website of DJBANDER.COM!!! 🎉
The new home of Bander Productions hosts links to all upcoming iTunes and Apple Radio releases and a bi-monthly blog where I will be sharing updates as well as opinion pieces on entertainment, news and media. There is also a contact page for booking of recording, mixing and mastering services. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment !! 💻✨ Special thanks to @nadyarousseau for the sleek design! #djbander #official #website
We are only limited by the process of our self development.. #valiant ⚜️✨
May your life be blessed with growth, fulfillment and love.. 🎶🎹🎼 #pianoman #happysunday
"It's definitely a Jewish thing." 😂📡🎶Thank You @nadyarousseau and @wcobm for having me on air today!! #live #interview #wcobm
Catch me #LIVE tomorrow morning in an exclusive interview on @wcobm via @nadyarousseau's Identity Files. 📡🎶✨