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. @AverythePenguin looks more like a plush in the gift shop than a real penguin! #molt

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The last in our Sea Fare video series is @parkerslighthouse! Watch as Chef Austin makes the ahi tuna tartare that will be available at our Sea Fare fundraiser on October 21st. Tickets are still available but are going fast! Visit to grab yours. #aopseafare #parkerslighthouse #longbeachevents #aquariumofthepacific
Who knew fish loved their veggies so much? Thanks for the awesome video, Volunteer Diver Emily! #loveAOP #aquariumofthepacific
Have you ever wanted to take photos at the Aquarium like a pro? Join us for Photographers Night on October 29th! Tickets are going quick, visit to grab yours.
Photo by @thebadpancake #aquariumofthepacific #aopphoto17 #loveaop
Scarium of the Pacific continues today until 5:00 p.m. Visit to get a coupon for free admission for a child (11 and under) in costume! 🎃👻#aquariumofthepacific #scariumofthepacific
Calling all high school students interested in a career in marine science! Join us for Marine Teen Night on October 22nd from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This event allows high school students and their parents to learn more about the many opportunities that the Aquarium of the Pacific and other local organizations offer for teens. Admission is only $7 for students and their family members. Visit for tickets and more information.

Photo by @ap_photography00 #loveAOP #aquariumofthepacific
Join us this weekend for Scarium of the Pacific, costumes encouraged! Meet the stonefish, an animal that's always in costume. 👻 #scariumofthepacific #aquariumofthepacific #stonefish
You’ve heard of #FOMO, but what about #FOMOOF? Fear of missing out on food is real, and you don’t to catch it. The cure? Buying your tickets to this year’s Sea Fare of course! Check out this video we made of what @thefederallb is bringing to the October 21st event, and visit to grab your tickets. #aquariumofthepacific #aopseafare
Meet the newest addition to Shark Lagoon, fiddler rays! Aren’t they cute? 😍🎻
Check them out tonight at our FREE Shark Lagoon Night! On select Fridays, Shark Lagoon is open to the public from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Visit for the schedule. #aquariumofthepacific #sharklagoon #aoprays #stingray #ocean #aquarium #ray #fiddlerray
Each year hundreds of #foodies and Aquarium supporters flock to the Aquarium for our Sea Fare fundraiser. This year Event Coordinator Erin got to sample in advance some of the culinary delights that will be served on Saturday, October 21. Check out for her round-up, and visit to purchase your tickets! #longbeach #aquariumofthepacific #longbeachevents #losangelesevents #blog #foodography #foodie
Enjoy some mid-week zen with this video of our tube anemones in Tropical Pacific. 😌💜 #aquariumofthepacific #zen #ocean #aquarium
Get ready to drool! We traveled down the street to @theatticonbroadway to check out what they’re bringing to this year’s Sea Fare on October 21st. After watching this video, you’re not going to want to miss out on their ribs and gumbo at Sea Fare. Visit to purchase your tickets! Check out the full video on Facebook. #aopseafare #aquariumofthepacific #longbeach #theattic
Join us on October 27th for our Family Overnight! Explore our exhibits with your family and friends; touch marine animals like sharks, sea stars, and sea jellies; and discover amazing animal adaptations. Our upcoming overnight will be Halloween themed so prepare to be spooked and startled by the creepy creatures of the sea. Visit to learn more! #aquariumofthepacific
Join us this weekend for Scarium of the Pacific—a spooktacular, educational Halloween event for the whole family. Enjoy special Halloween programs, including the annual children’s costume contest, the creepy coloring contest, magic shows, underwater pumpkin carving, spooky storytelling, and kooky crafts, and meet eerie animals in the Great Hall. 🎃🐠👻
Meet our north Pacific bigeye octopus! At the Aquarium, this species is fed fish, shrimp, squid, clams, crabs, and mussels. This octopus is a deep water species, and her official scientific name is Octopus californicus. Cool, right? #WorldOctopusDay 🐙 #aquariumpacific #octopus
Happy #WorldOctopusDay! Today we’re going behind the scenes with Aquarist Angelina to check out the awesome octopuses she takes care of. Comment with “🐙” if octopuses are your favorite animal! 🐙🐙🐙 #aopoctopus #aquariumofthepacific #octopus
Pssst...we have a surprise planned for our visitors tomorrow in honor of #WorldOctopusDay! 🐙
We'll be hiding this amazing work of art painted by our giant Pacific octopus (with a little help from Aquarist Angelina) somewhere inside the Aquarium for a lucky winner to take home! Stay tuned to Instagram Stories tomorrow starting at 8:30 a.m. for clues on how to find this one of a kind masterpiece!
#artdrop #aquariumofthepacific #octopus #aopoctopus
Share your awesome Aquarium photos with the hashtag #loveAOP! When you do, you get a chance to be reposted on the Aquarium's social media accounts. Visit to read the user agreement.
Photo by @mzskeptic #aquariumofthepacific
For an animal with cataracts like Charlie, our 20 year old sea otter, a target pole can help give him the confidence he needs. Check out Hugh’s latest blog post to see how Charlie uses his target pole every day. #aquariumpacific #aopotters
Congratulations to all of our amazing 5K participants! You guys all did an awesome job this morning. Check out our Instagram Stories to see who cheered you along! #aquariumofthepacific #aop5K #longbeachmarathon @lbmarathon