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These are all either great or amusing or both
Also fun fact @seawitchsabrina is actually the nicest person and let’s me talk way too much and manages to cheer me up when I doubt I can so like both thank you and props because that’s impressive
There we good times, but those pass too
Great lens flare, pretty sky, but the finger in the shot😭💔
I'm so happy about this picture lol I saw it and had to get it but I'm not sure why
This lil bud needed an appreciation post, so here it is :) I hope everyone's day is going well
Arts night out was kinda cool but I didn't take a picture of anything on my iPod so enjoy this really moody picture of really moody boxes
There's always that one person in the shot😒🙄
Rest In Peace summer, wasn't really exciting and didn't do much but this was cute to see at least
I done did it! Also PLEASE follow my @exploreandphotograph page, I'm so close to 💯
MUSIC CREDS: Sleepyface by @birocratic
I love making these, I wanna do a bunch more and add music on it, good idea?
Got to work with so many awesome people and listen to great music. Thank you guys for a great time.
All my pics are on my real camera but I had a fun time camping with this nerd 😁