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1 year flashback memory, Romania 2016 with the missus. Great times :)
Simple equation, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people to become that. There's no way around it. You will not become a winner surrounded by losers. Don't be afraid to drop negative people.
True success is not simply doing what you love. That's bullshit and utopist. 
Do what makes you Great! 
Find what you love and do it, but success will be a road with many things you don't Love doing, however, it's gotta be done. 
Do the little things nobody loves doing every day and hustle all the way. 
Daily execution overtime = magic recipe.
What does it take to get your first client? what mindset do you have to put yourself in?

Full video on my Youtube channel, link in bio
The 2nd episode of my vlog is OUT on my Youtube channel!

You'll see me talk about my coaching journey and how I got my first client, and plenty interesting stuff.
Let me know your thoughts. <3
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It took me a long time to realize that other people's thoughts and opinions didn't matter. We've only got 1 chance at the game of life. Don't waste it on pleasing others. 
Don't ask or wait for people to tell you you're ready, don't even wait for yourself to be ready or you'll never start. Most people limit your belief in you according to their own limitations. They can't run a marathon so they'll tell you it's impossible. They can't get their dream job so they'll tell you it's impossible. The list goes on.
I'd rather make mistakes and learn from them rather than wait and ponder about the how/why.
Just do it. It's always more practical than waiting.
Techno lovers alert!
We've announced our next two parties for @structureldn.
First stop @corsica.studios on the 22.07 and then @blocldn on the 16.09 🔥
We all have bad days, it's up to you to turn it into a good one. 
I'm pumped to get up every Monday because I have a new week ahead of me, another land of opportunity. 
It's true some people have it worst than others, but 99% of the time it's our own fault and a change of attitude can change the situation. Get your head down and get it done. 😤😤
It's the way it is. Complain that life is hard and waste time or take control and start the grind. This game of Life is long, you're in it for the rest of your life. Act like you're playing to be in 2030.
My first ever #Vlog is out, I'll be doing a daily Vlog about my little life, business, marketing and all things in between.
Your support is everything, let me know what you think, Episode 002 coming out soon :)
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I'm Vlogging ! Starting from Monday I'll upload a Vlog series dedicated to my life as an entrepreneur, giving my 2 cents on various topics like self awareness, failures and successes and plenty more.
Stay tuned :)
So happy right now 😁 my little sis @tchs_crys found this old baby back, Master System was always one of my fav old school ones. Can't beat Alex Kid and Populous !!!
#oldschoolgaming #mastersystem #sega #alexkid #populous #retrogaming #retro #console #vintage #game #fun