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As our brea park family gets smaller, it also gains a huge amount of strength. So fucking shocked another life was taken way to early in this world. Love you Mikey and I love you chase. I hope you guys are both up there looking down at us growing stronger as a family because brea park will never be the same with out you guys. You will be missed greatly. To the one of the most peaceful people I've ever met, in your name & chases name we skate brea park for you guys and nothing will ever change that. Brea park family. Fuck a hash tag I'm at a loss of words. 😥any homies hit my Dms if you need someone to talk to im always there . Brea fam for life.
Had to throw something for the gram!!!!📹: @bentheswizard
Just an elite team of undefeatable beer pong players.