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  Posted: Aug 12, 2012 7:21 PM FEED
6 Rise
He is a bonafide beach loving baby. #Idahowhite

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We've been celebrating Gus's 6th birthday all weekend long! And Pokémon was the was with us every step of the way. Gus loved all of it! He is so gracious and kind. He thanked everyone multiple times for the gifts and gave spontaneous hugs after each one was unwrapped. He is truly a delight! #swipeleft #bestbirthdate 9/10/11
Kindergarten and TK. These boys pulled out all the stops when it came to accessorizing this morning. #firstdayofschool
Sometimes these two argue, and punch and kick, and annoy one another fiercely! But most of the time, it looks like this 😍. These boys being ages 4 and 5 has been a dream!! #surferhairdontcare #obsessedwithFRIV
Gus has been sitting like this for almost 20 minutes. Just waiting for @wrightwaybuilder to pull up in the RV and take him on his first camping trip. #soexcited #allhisfurryfriends
Happy Fathers Day to my incredible Dad! We share a birthday and celebrated last month with a night out and a day at Disneyland. Spending time with him is my most treasured birthday gift every year! It's an honor and a delight to be his daughter. #511club #dadofdads
Playing to earn money for Pokémon cards. When asked to play a song, Gus replied "we're not THAT kind of band!" Lucky for them, my friends contributed to the tip jar anyway. #justjammin #willworkforpokémoncards pc: @commanderfun
If there's music playing and a flat surface, this kid is dancing. #inthezone #mattybfan
They each pick a book from this shelf every night. Same books to choose from, night-after-night. Inevitably, we've read them all over, and over. So now we play a game where we read it, sing it, chant it or even tell the story differently every time. I never get tired of reading to my captivated audience. .........Also, I may need to rethink the location of this bookshelf. #nightlyclimb
I could not have asked for a more perfect day. A more perfect picture on the other hand... #comeonarchie #justsmile #happyeaster
Learning how to rope from the pro! Thank you @carleyjean and Claude for showing these #cityslickers around the farm. #springbreak
Happy 4th Birthday to my baby Archie! This kid loves life!! Every present he opened tonight he said "Just what I always wanted!"
These kids have known each other from birth. They were all each other's first friend/best friend. It's so sad our tribe splitting up!! I can't even talk about @sarahslowe's move to Utah without crying and I am SO happy we got a bonus day together! #wellalwayshavedisneyland #andbeignets #andchurros #andcottoncandy #andtiggertails #andcorndogs #anddolewhips
This boy has been sick for a week, and after moping around all morning, I decided he needed some fresh air. Looks like Chic-fil-A and a visit to @benmadsen's work was just what the doctor ordered. #captiveaudience #CFAmakeseverythingbetter
This week is the 9year anniversary of the night I met Ben. I remember everything about that night. What I ate, what I wore, what he wore, everyone who was there, what we talked about, and most importantly, how I felt. He gave me butterflies then and now! I (quite literally) feel lucky every single day! #husbandjackpot #myboys
Reminiscing tonight about the 2016 #grammys. Just working hard and laughing hard with my #sisterwives @sarahslowe @arielalaine. It was a good night! And @taylorswift looked amazing thanks to @josephcassell1 #albumoftheyear Also, @lizzyseguin where were you? We are missing Jo's other work wife!
We got to run around Disneyland with NO kids this week. What a dream! No whining or crying. No tantrums over skipping the $7.00 ice cream sandwich cart, cotton candy cart, popcorn cart, and the man holding the $22.00 balloons. We didn't even have to stop at the bathroom every hour. AND we got to do all the fun rides! I know Disneyland with kids is magical, but without kids, we felt 20 years younger! I strongly recommend. #DitchtheKidsDisneylandDate
The Force was definitely with us!