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  Posted: Aug 12, 2012 4:41 PM FEED
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Guys...omg I freaked out. Like, I love them and they replied to me. They never reply to me. I hope one direction replies to me. :/ -🐱 #thedowntownfiction #downtownfiction #cameronleahy #wesdiamond #music #tweet #twitter #retweet #onedirection

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Posted: Dec 7, 2012 3:30 AM
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Guys? You remember fetus Zayn. When he looked like a baby opossum who lost his mother? Well here is fetus Zayn but it's not fetus Zayn...get it? Anyway ONE WEEK TILL JINGLE JAME AND I GET TO SEE ED FREAKING SHEERAN AND OMG IM GOING TO PEE MYSELF. I'm still going to try to live stream it for those interested okay well I need to go wash my face. Night my gorgies :) -🐱 #fetuszayn #zayn #malik #djmalik #zaynmalik #vashappening #vashappenin #onedirection #liampayne #niallhoran #harrystyles #louistomlinson
Posted: Nov 27, 2012 3:53 AM
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Fetus Louis. ||| I just watched the sickest video ever. These kids took a kitten and put it in a plastic bowl and poured lighter fluid on it and lit it on fire. I wanted to vomit it was disgusting. If I ever find those kids, I swear I will cute their fingers off and make them eat it. It was horrible and they were laughing the entire time. It was sick and I wish I had never watched it -🐱 #onedirection #fetuslouis
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 6:27 AM
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So I'm tweeting Liam out the wazoo for Taylor and this fake account decides to be rude to me. Like wtf? Please report this account. This person shouldn't be here. -🐱 #onedirection #liam #payne #liampayne #fakeliam #niallhoran #zaynmalik #harrystyles #louistomlinson #twitter #tweets #onedirection
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 5:59 AM
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Guys this is really important. Please listen to me. If you have a heart you will do this for me. Today a young girl tried to take her own life due to hate. They just took her to the hospital. Please if you would go on twitter and tweet Liam. Tell him to tweet @/okayliam that's Taylor. She is the one who just went to the hospital. You can go read her tweets. She tweeted the whole thing right to the very end. Please guys go do this for her. She needs this. Please. That's all I can ask. Get Liam to notice her. He could save her life. Please. -🐱 #onedirection #liam #payne #liampayne #prayfortaylor #harrystyles #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #please
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 4:31 AM
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Forgive me babes. I can't type up a part because I'm about to fall asleep. I will try to have it done tomorrow though. Hope everyone had a great break for thanksgiving if you had one. Time for hell I mean school tomorrow. Goodnight! For my NY followers, again I just want to say stay safe. No candy from strangers, no getting in anyone's car, all that. That is unless they are One Direction then you better jump all over that shit. But stay warm guys! And good luck. Tell Harry I said Hai. 😁😁 -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #niallhoran #haz #hazz #hazza #hazzastyles #styles #harry #harrystyles #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #onedirection #NYC #newyorkcity #1dinnewyork
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 3:01 AM
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Hey guys. I'm about to start typing up a part for SWM but first, I need more people to do the fanfic competition for Broken Smiles. What you get is you get to pick the name and the description of the leads bestfriend. I need people to join. Please join. Lol I can't express that enough. If you want to join, kik me at 1dwantsmymammaries for the details. Okay well I'm going to go write some so go join! :) -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #harrystyles #fanfic #fanficcompetition #vashappening #vashappenin
Posted: Nov 26, 2012 2:34 AM
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All my New York followers, if you are outside looking for the boys, be safe and stay warm! Goodluck I hope you meet them! :) -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #louistomlinson #niallhoran #zaynmalik #harrystyles
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 6:49 AM
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Go vote for one direction! Go to @luckhoran_ and click the link in her bio! Vote for one direction please! Help our boys! -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #harrystyles #vote1d #voteonedirection #onedirection
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 4:57 AM
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~*Part 31*~ #1dwmmstaywithme
Colette's POV
I made my way down the sidewalk, looking at the high rise buildings. I decided against calling Jenkins to pick me up, thinking I could do with some fresh air to clear my head. My thin sweater didn't really help against the cool British air. I rubbed my hands against my arms, trying to fight the chill bumps. I looked up to the sky, wondering if it would ever get warm. What I saw did not impress me. Dark clouds blocked the sun, threatening to downpour. It made me walk just a little bit faster.

Harry's POV
The girl beside me continued her chatter as I drove her home. My head was pounding from all the drinks I had and her endless chattering wasn't helping it. Last night was a haze. I remember coming home to find Lou in a feather boa. Then I left to go find someone to keep me company. I found the girl in a club called The Roof. She was willing to leave with me so we did. I remember going to a hotel and getting a room with her. We went up to the room, breaking out the champagne and what not. From there on, it all became fuzzy. I could guess at what we did since I woke up naked with her right beside me wearing as much clothes as I was. I gripped the steering wheel a little bit too tight, causing my knuckles to go white. "So I had a lot of fun last night," the girl said, wrapping her hands around my bicep. She's clingy. "Er yeah me too," I replied, casting her a glance. She batted her eyes at me, obviously trying to flirt. I cleared my throat to keep from laughing. She continued to carry on the one sided conversation saying something about how she wanted to take me somewhere. I looked back towards the road. Looking up, I saw the clouds begin to let loose thousands of raindrops. Turning on the wipers, I continued on my way to drop off the chatter box. [πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡]
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 4:19 AM
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Here it is. This is the description for my new fanfic Broken Smiles. If you're interested, follow me on Wattpad. That's where I will post it for the time being. Here we go :) tell me what you think |||| Elaine doesn't know what she wants in life. Her father's a drunk. Her mom's barely home. All she has is her best friend, her boyfriend, and her younger brother. She loves her boyfriend but sometimes, he can be a little mean. So mean, he makes Elaine do stuff to herself. She feels like no one understands her. No one is there for her. She is just about to give up on life when she has a chance encounter with Harry from One Direction. Of course she doesn't expect much. She's Elaine. Plain Elaine. What would someone like him want with a girl like her? And anyway she has her boyfriend. Even though he is hurtful, what they had was special, right?
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 3:33 AM
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Looky looky! Whose excited? 😈😈😈😈-🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #zaynmalik #niallhoran #harrystyles #louistomlinson
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 3:16 AM
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Okay guys. I'm about to write a little bit of SWM fanfic. But before that, I decided to do ANOTHER competition. This one will be a spot to pick the lead character's best friend's name. But unlike the other one where I'm only using your name, I'll also get idea in what the best friend will look like! Soooooo if you're interested, kik me at 1dwantsmymammaries and I will tell you the details of the competition. Okay, well I'm going to go write some. You guys kik me :) -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #harrystyles #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #niallhoran #haz #hazz #hazza #hazzastyles #harry #styles
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 3:09 AM
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@abby_browchuk thanks for all the likes :) -🐱
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 3:01 AM
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I forgot how many good pictures I have on my iPod of the boys :// ||| so what if I told you there might be another competition for the fanfic Broken Smiles? Would people join? -🐱 #onedirection #haz #hazz #hazza #hazzastyles #harry #harrystyles #styles #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson
Posted: Nov 25, 2012 2:19 AM
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Winner of the fanfic competition is..... @twirlinginthenightsky i like this picture a lot! Anyway, kik me at @/1dwantsmymammaries to discuss the details :)
Posted: Nov 24, 2012 5:37 AM
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There has been some confusion on the competition. Okay I decided to move the end of the deadline to the moment I wake up. So guys, if you're interested in choosing the name, whether its your name or one you thought up, for the lead character in my next fanfic, Broken Smiles (which is a Harry Styles fanfic) then edit a cover picture. The one I choose will also be used as the cover. You can make one edit or multiples I don't care. Just make sure you tag it #/1dwmmbsedits another thing, this fanfic will be posted on wattpad for the time being. Then, after I finish SWM I will upload it on here. So good luck! :) -🐱 #onedirection #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #harrystyles #louistomlinson #fanfic #fanficcompetition #competition #onedirectionfanfic #onedirectioncompetition #directionercompetition
Posted: Nov 24, 2012 1:56 AM
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Hey guys! Do me a favor and report @onedirectionsuckers they are a hate account and they are rude. Please report them and support our beautiful boys! -🐱 #hateaccounts #hateaccount #onedirection #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #harrystyles #louistomlinson #directioners #directioner
Posted: Nov 23, 2012 9:36 PM
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I'm digging Zayn's new hair style. It makes him look like a little kid. Anyway, does anybody know if One Direction is having a tour in 2014? Cause If so I'm saving up so I can buy Ultimate VIP so I can go to a concert once in my life. -🐱 #onedirection #onedirectionconcert #onedirectionworldtour2014 #zayn #malik #djmalik #vashappenin #vashappening #zaynmalik #liampayne #louistomlinson #niallhoran #harrystyles #onedirection