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Ready for some BIG ΑΔveΠtures with my little 💎💗
Note to self: learn your strengths. Giving 2 piggybacks at a time is apparently not a strength of mine.
So happy to welcome Morgan home along with all of our other new members! #adpi #firstandfinest
Roomies who have tape measure competitions with you, even though they can't beat your score of 55 inches #whyadpi #kuffr17 #alphadeltapi
Definitely head bumped Lakin before this pic was taken. #kuffr17 #adpi
Cheese Haven? More like Cheese Heaven! (Sorry I'm so lame about my cheese but this place was awesome... over 125 flavors) #cheesin
You might have gotten a notification that I posted for the first time in awhile
Had more than an OAK-ay day with not only these two but many other treely amazing people not pictured 🌲 🌳 (plz don't judge us... we were being trees for Arbor Day)
YAY EARTH DAY! Shout out to nature for being so cool and rad! 🌏 😍
I was so EGGcited 🍳 to bring my best buds to Derby this weekend for Easter!
I CLINK she's really great (even though she's wearing K-State in Lawrence)
She said she wanted a cute pic so I said any pic with me is cute... not sure if this proves me right or wrong
From now on, I'm calling this town She-cago
Made her pose for this last weekend when we made her cake so I could post it today. Happy Birthday Ally!
"Two chains ain't got nothing on us" - Miranda
Don't have a Valentine but I did have this cookie the other day and I'd say it made a valid substitution. (Backdrop and cookies courtesy of Myah and her mom)
Are you really in Kansas if you don't take a picture of the sunsets?
Happy Birthday Miranda! From that awkward lunch the first week to balling it out against Myah and Ally you helped make my first semester great and I'm so glad I found a friend like you! 😁 You even brought back my love for ANTM… and live texting just isn't enough for that show so can't wait to be in Lawrence with you once again ❤
Merry Christmas 🎄Don't think I know anyone who loves Christmas as much as you ❤💚