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Home made 김밥 (kimbap) and ramen for dinner. Korean sushi rolls contain mostly cooked or picked things and aren't served with ginger or wasabi like sushi is.

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A little Rocky Votolato cover. I saw him play Suicide Medicine front to back at a living room show this summer and it was magic #rockyvotolato #coversong #epiphone
So, I play guitar all the time. It’s something I’ve never been super good at, but something that really relaxes me and one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. I miss notes wit my fingers and my voice and sometimes I just forget the words, but I don’t really mind at all. I just love to play. I sit until my voice gives out and my fingers can’t take anymore. Living with @patfeeny makes that 10X better because we get to jam all the time and he pushes me to learn new songs. #guitar #epiphone #cityandcolour #covers #sensibleheart #legendsofsparrowhawk
“Excuse me! Bear fucker! Do you need assistance?” #legendsofsparrowhawk
This is something I never thought I’d see. A lockable skateboard rack at Tustin High. If I recall, we weren’t even allowed to have skateboards at our high school. #californiadreamin #skateanddestroy #skateordie
@anissakeller makes the best dinners. Homemade seitan, gravy, mashed mini potatoes, and corn. #whatveganseat #veganaf #homesickandwestbound
Any of you wild vegans tried Ike's sandwiches? They've got lots of #vegan options. What's good? #ikessandwiches #whatveganseat #vegantravel #irvine #ocvegans
Lunching with the Highland boys is never a dull moment.