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  Posted: Aug 12, 2012 12:39 PM FEED
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What can you do, with a brat like that always on your back. #newyork
  • Beat the brat with a baseball bat👊 #ramones

  • @kstari_ I like that emoji, what app? Sry to be "that" person lol

  • A red coffin?

  • Off to... the Garden Of Serenity... "Meet me in the graveyard... on a journey to the end."

  • This might actually keep the neighbors brats from coming into my backyard from now on...

  • That place is so eerie! I saw it a couple weeks ago.

  • The guy who owned the antiques shop that use to be there past away. But I didn't know the coffin was still out there.

  • This is what happens when you are disruptive in class....

  • Biutiful .

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At King of the Dot with the Kings of the Dot! Maestro and Bishop Brigante. The late nights get later.
strombo 14h ago
The gathering of the punk rock hockey with old guys convenes again. My captain and goalie for 13 years. The legendary Aaron Brophy. #backthehack
Posted: Oct 21, 2017 2:53 PM
11 Clarendon
strombo 23h ago
Into the sky we go.
I love this piece and this gallery. Bradley Harms at Winsor Gallery #Vancouver
@anitacirillo with the 📸
‪Back in the air I go. Excited for the @musicheals_ca, #StrikeAChord Gala on Thursday in Vancouver.‬
‪ 🏙🛫✈️🛩🛬🗻🎤🎼🎧♥️‬
Decades of respect and friendship culminates in one absolutely epic night. Thank you Steven Page, Jeremy Taggart, Maestro Fresh Wes and Jonathan Torrens. So much Canadianity in one room. Really looking forward to sharing this next project with you. We have been friends and admirers of each other’s work for a long time. It was a pleasure to have them all in my house for this show. The culture is strong.
Colton Eddy with the snap.
‪The Strombo Show is wrapped for another week. Thank you for letting us be a part of your evening. Thank you to Bill Murray, Jan Vogler, Blunt Chunks and The Kents.
Will post the link tomorow. Never forget 👆🏽
Oh the laughter. Bill Murray and Jan Vogler on tonight’s Strombo Show.

@vanessaheins 📸
When the man comes around.
Tonight. Bill Murray joins me on our little music experience called The Strombo Show. 8p on CBCRadio2 & @cbc_music
@vanessaheins with the 📸
This is how one does Chicago.
Bill Murray. Jan Vogler.
Song of Myself.
Artists making art.
We share it on Sunday on the Strombo Show.
On a late night stroll through Chicago and the great City reminds you of an even greater record.
The most meaningful piece on the wall of the gallery.
One of my favourite pieces.
The Song of the Lark - Breton. #chicago