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The most upsetting part of my work day. Ever. Holy huge horsefly!

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I've decided to become a regular blood donor, since I'm type O+ and it's good for the health. I'll be here again in January. 🖤🖤Y'all can hit up the link in my bio to sign up for future blood drives if you wanna #donateblood and #savealife
Hey there's gonna be a blood drive next week--sign up at the URL in my bio. Don't just #prayforvegas when you could #beahero and #savealife please!
Gonna hand out flyers about blood donation under the #londonbridge at a prayer vigil for the Vegas shooting victims #beahero #savealife #donateblood
#shamelessbrag I made a dress and I'm very happy with my work bye
I've been overdoing the selfies lately I just really love not having hair #baldgirls
This is the best one; he wanted to leave the front part like this but he couldn't convince me