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Proof that often times the reality is so much better than the expectation. Love you @genoworld and can't wait to continue celebrating all that you are!
It may be 80 degrees in the apartment, but we're embracing fall, dammit.
Despite appearances, I do actually wear clothing aside from overalls.

@sohinivagha however, captured this damning evidence against said claim last week at the @museumoficecream
Hallway flooded in morning light, not mad about it
All Thursday mornings should start with strong coffee, corn muffins & @ash_pat_
When the stresses of modern life seem like too much, try focusing on cute things, like the tiniest lil pink tongue

It's been decided, all birthdays should include doughnuts at the beach.
And a big ol' thank you to everyone who made my birthday so darn special!
Last night's dumpling situation was something else
[Chicken & Wood Ear Mushroom Gyoza]
A snap from this summer in Portugal, at a shop dedicated entirely to sardines & the art on their tins. You better believe @moremustard and I snatched up a few tins (read: 9) and I can't wait to come up with a fun way to display them in our kitchen - thinking maybe a shadow box with them once they're all empty.