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  Posted: Aug 12, 2012 12:40 AM FEED
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Phillumenists obsess over how Bryant & May's redhead changed her hairstyle over time, but the real change was her eyes.
  • She looks very surprised. *Too* surprised. If she was in a Miss Marple I'd put a fiver on her being the murderer.

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I had a very realistic dream recently in which I screamed maniacally at my sister-in-law for not recycling, so I am ashamed when I tell you that I think this is just plain disgusting.
Many refugees camped out in the Malmö Central Station in 2015 after arriving in Sweden. I wonder if they were as surprised by this prohibition as I was?
If the Bernina Express had not derailed, we would not know that there's a vending machine on a train platform high in the Swiss Alps that dispenses Party Sticks, condoms, the Maybe Baby pregnancy test (pocket-sized) and Cannabis Ice Tea with "Bombastic Natural Feeling".
Waiting for the train to Malmo, I was having difficulty explaining to a Dane that I was travelling to Sweden for a cardamom bun. "Ah, kardemummabullar!!!" she exclaimed, waving her arms in a swarm-like pattern, "You won't be able to avoid them."
My palate was too dull to detect the fermented cepe and birch flavours in this pastry at @108cph but my eyes can tell you that the lamination was A+++. And that drink, called Not Chocolate, was the best drink I've ever drunk.
Punch-drunk from all the amazing meals I was having in Copenhagen, I suggested to @lisaabend that there ought be restaurants solely devoted to bread, which, it occurred to me as I said it, is what a bakery is, I guess, but I pressed on and mused that maybe there could be a few other choice things as well, which, I suppose, is a cafe, but neither really celebrate BREAD as much as I'd like, so here's a picture of the best I've ever eaten, made by @richardhartbaker with corn masa for the Noma Under The Bridge Red Cross Mexico fundraiser last Tuesday night.
The Danes refer to the Victorian era as "klunketiden", literally, tassel time. Two sisters, Gerda and Ellen Christensen, lived in this apartment until 1963, eschewing Danish modernism entirely. The word "klunke" also refers to testicles but Lars was too embarrassed to fully elaborate on its usage.
Waiting, not so patiently, for @emilymbolton to open her shutters. Someone at dinner asked if my earrings were fashioned from the curtain tassels.
Home, for a weekend. I may have slept in Nabokov's bed.
The last time we were together was on a stake-out in suburban Columbus, Ohio, in the hope that @emilymbolton could extract information from the inhabitants to help exonerate a wrongfully-convicted man. Years and with many investigators' efforts that man went free.
I rang the bell outside the showroom of the company who make my favourite boots, and Dario ushered me into the foyer and told me he couldn't take me any further (wholesale only) but would I like a coffee, or could he call me a cab, which may have been in the way of apology but also perhaps because I'd stepped out of a rainstorm and was soaked through to my skin.
Outside a municipal building, somewhere in Milan, about ten metres in the air on a protruding metal beam.
Sometimes when you are wandering around a city you don't know, you find yourself passing through charming neighbourhoods and sometimes you find yourself walking alongside a six-lane highway thinking, Baudelaire didn't have to deal with this, and wouldn't a cannoli be great right now, and barely ten metres ahead, there's a combo bar/pasticceria/gelateria/pizzeria and you order a cannoli and pretend to read the paper and that cannoli keeps you going because you are god knows where, which, in another life, you'd call lost.
A young guy played the non-Zissou pinball machine while I was there. No-one used the jukebox.
I cannot pretend I wasn't excited to visit Bar Luce, designed by Wes Anderson. In preparation, I watched The Darjeeling Limited again on the plane between Bangkok and Milan, and I stand by it as the pinnacle of Anderson's oeuvre. But I found Bar Luce strangely underwhelming. The palette is perfect, and the props just so, and boy, do the staff try, straightening menus and removing anything remotely out of place immediately, like my water bottle. At first, I considered the difficulties in translating a cinematic aesthetic to an architectural one, which is so necessarily static. But then it struck me that the real problem was us — me and the American art tourists — who were, by our very presence, wrecking the place. We, all of us, were bad actors, and I don't mean in the philosophical or legal sense. I just mean that Wes wouldn't cast any of us in anything. I felt a bit sorry after that, but okay. A miniature brioche filled with sliced mozzarella and tomato helped.
Rem Koolhaas's Haunted House at @fondazioneprada. Gilded with 200,000 sheets of gold leaf, it doesn't look haunted, but the Louise Bourgeois work inside certainly is (no photography allowed.) Composing this shot from the terrace of Wes Anderson's Bar Luce gave me the perfect opportunity to eavesdrop on a blue-blazered Englishman trying to make a restaurant booking for his large group of American art tourists. "WOOSTER" he kept repeating, then louder, "WAR-CHESTER." Finally he relented and spelled out "W-O-R-C-H-E-S-T-E-R." I'm pretty sure this can't have been the first time he's had to do this.
There was a cabinet full of chapbooks — I bought two by Edizioni Henry Beyle — and a press room that recalled the distinctive and swoon-inducing smell at Yolla Bolly, a smell produced by a particular mix of ink and solvents and other likely carcinogens. Through the green-framed door is a bookshop. Here I learned about the Letterpress Workers, who convene in Milan every year. Spending time here made me want to print again. #fratellibonvini
Dead stock pencils, typewriter ribbons and ink, these are a few of my favourite things. #fratellibonvini
Is it a universal law that every museum must be closed on precisely the day one chooses to visit, albeit without checking their website first, no matter what the day of the week it is? Lucky for me, @fratellibonvinimilano was open, printers and stationers since 1909 and, since 2014, in the hands of a group of friends who love graphics, publishing, typography and art.
Posted: Sep 12, 2017 9:14 AM
12 Ludwig
We wouldn't know what Italians call Twisties if I hadn't waited at the wrong platform to catch my train.