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  Posted: Aug 11, 2012 8:42 PM FEED
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jvl123 5y ago
Leaving the library...Emma wished for a puppy in the fountain

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jvl123 1M ago
Happy Birthday to one of the least basic bitches I have ever met. ChelChel - I hope you have the most amazing and fabulous birthday, you deserve it girl! I am so proud of you and so lucky to call you a friend. Love you xo
jvl123 2M ago
My favorites. Celebrating the most amazing gal, @lisadicicco - I have never met anyone who is so genuinely kind, loving, and overall an amazing human and friend. @ksakofs is such an amazing guy and you're so lucky to have met each other. Congratulations Lisa & Kevin. So much love to you ❤️
jvl123 2M ago
Thanks @hosiesworld for thinking of me | current mood. always.
jvl123 2M ago
#wcw early #tbt to my favorite Jill. I am beyond happy for you and am so thankful to have spent a long weekend with you and everyone you love. I am so excited for your wedding, to see you marry such an amazing man. I love you Jill. ❤️
jvl123 3M ago
My Nubian Queen 👑thank you for being everything ♉️🖤
jvl123 3M ago
I guess I know why I'm single.... "Listen. Beyoncé is everything. If you aren't with that then we will never work."
jvl123 3M ago
Happy Independence Day. Destiny's Child reppin USA hard = mood.
jvl123 4M ago
#tbt yes. I am lucky enough to still have the same best lady friends from when I was in grade school. #dawgz4life