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Extending summer with Ryan and Yuri at #lawrencetownbeach
He's really got this lazy Sunday thing down. #jackrussell #dogsofinstagram
Public Gardens, you never disappoint.
If you are are looking for me, I'll be here, reading. #PEI
On the shuttle bus across the bridge to PEI. You pick up a special phone to request it. All very weird. #batphonetoPEI
Waiting for dark to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox outside! #summertradition
#Repost @thehandmadewardrobe I've been wanting to make a handmade wardrobe for years and I am finally getting to do it! The website is ready and I'll be making everything from bras to jeans to shoes. I'm so excited! #sewing #sewindie
Breakfast of champions! Sometimes, being a grown up is awesome. #pie
Always and forever, the @marthastewart perfect blueberry pie. #pie #summer #f52grams
Surprise! Our Ficus plants turned out to be fig trees in disguise!