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sowakono 270w ago
good evening dear friends. we, Japanese rush into the term of Bon, Buddhist festival of the dead. I can take rest for 5 days! have so many things to do, but I'll go to sea for camping. it's time to entertain my family!

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good evening dear friends. IG is still the most precious place connect me to the world. miss you so much.
good evening dear friends. recently the number of foreign tourists coming to my city keep increasing year by year. so a shortage of inn is in an extremely grave situation. I repair old Japanese house one after another for their inn. someday if you come to my city, I'd like to you stay one of them.
good evening dear friends. April is really beautiful month in Japan because of cherry blossoms. but in this new month, May, we can see another beautiful colors. new fresh green. like cute baby, new leafs are held peacefully in their mother's arms.
good evening dear friends. this beautiful port is located south of my prefecture. one hour drive usually takes me there. if you'll come to my country, I'd like to see here as same as my city. this city recovered from the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
good evening dear friends. big earthquake hit our country again. as a result of this time, around 50 people of victims remained. pray for them, pray for Kyushu (southernmost of the four main islands of Japan).
good evening dear friends. cherry blossom has gone. and I still continue repairing old house everyday. the seasons will keep rotating forever, and I'll stay same place.
good evening dear friends. during my snowing under at work, nature keep its life continuing year by year. now I show this beautiful spring. my small country has such artistic beauty.
sowakono 120w ago
good evening dear friends. over hills and fields of life, I still keep working at my small hometown everyday. today I send you my memory of Okinawa. people of there lost so many lives in WW2. and stupid government ignores such precious sacrifice recently. we should reflect on our past behaviour deeply, I think.
sowakono 131w ago
good evening dear friends. during my long silence, winter and spring has gone. I had very heavy trouble, and had become autistic. so sorry friends. I never forget our friendship, but I've wanted to be alone. this spring pic is my souvenir of long journey of life.
sowakono 150w ago
good evening dear friends. this pic maybe my last pic of this autumn. of course if I can, will upload more. my city has really beautiful autumn sight in everywhere. so please imagine from my pic. and someday, I wish you will come and see for yourself theirs beauties.
sowakono 151w ago
good evening dear friends. I'm still here. so sorry I haven't been in touch with you for a long time. there're so many people who want to repair their house in my city. I'd like to share you this beautiful pic by way of apology.
sowakono 163w ago
good evening dear friends. today I upload one more memory of Hiroshima. at WW2, 2.3million people died in Japan. and Japanese killed so many people at the same time. this world heritage keeps telling us that fact quietly. but our government is hopelessly stupid.
sowakono 165w ago
good evening dear friends. now we're in a holiday period called Obon in Japan. I came to Hiroshima with my ladies to be learned WW2. and today, we dropped by this beautiful World Heritage. hope the world is filled with love and peace.
sowakono 170w ago
good evening dear friends. after increasing taxes, building industry is in a slump too in japan. and our government decided to meddle in other's affairs. our beautiful country keeps going on a wrong way from WW2.
sowakono 170w ago
good evening dear friends. now humid season has come in japan. hard to work and get tired more in everyday. but not only bad. in the way to go home, I can feel cool wind blowing in the car. and such sunset appreciates me brightly. burning summer is drawing on.
sowakono 171w ago
good evening dear friends. the company trip of my favorite customer caused me to go to foreign country for the first time. the memorable first is Korea. friendly people and delicious foods. I became to love all more and more.
sowakono 174w ago
good evening dear friends. at first, I must apologize to you for my long skipping. today's pic isn't mine. but this beautiful souvenir of Hawaii from my friend drove me to share this.
sowakono 179w ago
good evening dear friends. more than 2years ago, I've started to upload my pic. and at last, today I upload my 500th pic. this pic was taken by my brother, and edited by me. I bring you this pic with my biggest gratitude.
sowakono 180w ago
good evening dear friends. we should continue to work for own living. and we sacrifice ourselves to it. time, body, spirit, etc. but...I never lose my love for nature. 'cause I can confirm it everytime in here.
sowakono 182w ago
good evening dear friends. at last, the spring is going through my sleeve of coat now. we couldn't stop each other, so I lost every season when I noticed. but now my daughters have iPhone too. they bring me such beautiful scene instead of my eyes.