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What do your kids do on a cold rainy winter's day? This is what mine get up to #kids

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{ Monday } coffee date to start the week.
Enjoy your week 💜 #sycamoremeadows
{ monday } first day of school holidays hanging out at #thomastownnh 💙 @yprlibrary
{ monday } needs chocolate cake covered with #aldiaustralia Dutch chocolate sprinkles
{ ten } happy birthday sweet boy, you make my heart smile with your sweet sensitive nature.
We are out of our comfort zone at the moment so for the first time in your ten years you haven't had a homemade cake but I think you were secretly ecstatic with a special treat #nutelladonut
LOVE you baby boy ❤
{ monday } and just like that, the school holidays are over 😯
{ world oceans and environment day }
Clear umbrella, plastic, bubble wrap and streamers 💙
{ world oceans and environment day }
Recycled pillow stuffing, plastic, wool, bubble wrap and a whole lotta hot glue gun 💙🌦🌧🌨🌪🌬
{ Friday } and awesome winter woolies perfect for Melbourne's cold weather, made with love by great nanny B 💛
{ happy Mum's day } hope you shared it with those that fill your heart ❤
{ camp } last primary school camp for baby girl 😢😍
{ 💛 } HAPPY egg hunting, bunny loving, chicken, chocolate, non chocolate, family, friends, be nice to those around you day...just enjoy whatever you do 💛
{ ❤ } middle kid getting pampered with a hair wash from the fabulous Miss @bamhairsalon
{ haircut } finally got round to getting this kid to have his hair cut @bamhairsalon 💙