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I made wannabe PF Chang lettuce cups!

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no YOU drove an hour just to go to an
aesthetically pleasing pumpkin patch 🎃
but hey yo- at least i vlogged it 🤙🏼
head over to my main channel to watch 🍂
& these are a few of my favorite things 🎶
i teamed up with jergens on my new video 💙
my current faves video is linked in my bio! ☝🏼
feat. @jergensUS Wet Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil #JergensPartner #wetskinbestskin 💦
2 years (& one day) down 👊🏼
you're my forever jeopardy & chill
thanks for being my person ❤️
i donut know if you've seen my new video...
it's a recipe for {success} aka these babes
head on over to my channel to watch 🍩🍎
is it a booger? is it a nose hair?
~ choose ur own adventure~
"i ❤️ fall" ~ every basic bitch ever 🍁✌🏼
apple cider donuts 🍎🍩 > pumpkin spice lattes 🎃☕️
baking video comin' your way this week 👩🏼‍🍳
why make it rain 💸 when you can make it snow in september ❄️ (actually ill take 💰too)
| cream puff recipe up on the blog |
~rustic~ a 🎂 way of not giving a fuck 🖕🏼
this messy, high maintenance ( but same 🙋🏼)
6 layer tiramisu bish is up on the blog 🍰
thinkin' bout snacks 🍟🥑🍣
| & how much i miss this one & this movie 🎥 |
serving u "fell off a spin bike" &
"wore a hair tie too long" vibes ✌🏼
i've been putting off this post for days
the obligatory “the movie has wrapped” farewell 😭
please forgive me for getting 🧀
i don’t have words to describe what i feel
i still can’t wrap my head around what we did 🙊
honored went from being an idea in my notebook 📓
to a month long shoot with girls id call sisters
everyday on set was a “pinch me moment”
oh & im still convinced it was all a big prank (ashton?!)
i went into this project just stoked it was finally happening
and i had no idea what would be in store
in this industry we expect disappointment & failures
and it’s so rare that things not only meet our expectations
but exceed them by leaps and bounds
we made a movie about a story i held close for years
and we accidentally fell in ❤️ while doing it
sasha- my sister, my 👵🏼 pal, you make me emote
your bravery, your tenderness, there is nobody id
rather have holding my hand during a 🐱 wax
karrueche- my favorite snuggle, my snack attack, my little big sister, you bring me so much fucking joy
you’re beyond talented, you’re effortless and you’re
a fucking bad 🍑. nobody can make me laugh like you
arden- my favorite sneak, my gossip buddy, my wise
beyond your years la big sister. your compassion,
your dedication, & your drive are unparalleled.
in your presence ⏰ flies & i feel understood.
piper,isabella, sophie & honor
together we’re an unstoppable force👯👯
there are not enough thank you i can belt
to capture my gratitude for what you brought to this
with tears, mega babes, titties & booty hole lips
i bid farewell to the girls i dreamt for years
they came, they saw, & they fucking crushed it👊🏼
// keep up with #honoredmovie 💕 🐐 🍕 //follow @honoredmovie for release updates
deleted the other pic bc someone said
my caption "sucking in" made them feel 💩
which is valid as fuck so 🖕🏼 self deprecation
i may not ❤️ my bod from all anglez but it works