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  Posted: Aug 11, 2012 4:39 AM FEED
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serving you internet chatroom in your bffs basement circa ‘96. 📷: @darin_k_
my baby meems! not the best pic but also the best pic of our skin since it was 14 yrs ago and we were still in hs! eating a frannies chicken salad at maynard’s. ILSYM @mimij612. you’re loyalty is admirable and i just adore all of the memories we’ve made throughout the year. i’ll still cherish times in the taco bell parking lot but i’m glad we’re ladies who are p divine now.
happy day my queen - celebrate w all the things that make you glow✨. xoxo, miss blair.
been watching a lot of ‘the deuce’.
fall ass salad. a v late lunch or a v early dinner.

spinach - cabbage - carrot - pistachio - pepita - delicata squash - chicken coated w almond flour and arrow root powder - poachie - micro greens - olive oil - balsamic vinegar.
#erecooks #whole30 #whole30approved #paleo
a casual slay for mustard, ketchup and justin. 📷: @schmollymac
just dropping in to say @maritza_at_haus at @haussalon is a glow guru. love being able to partner w her and this salon. book w her asap to get that natural highlight. #✨ peep maritza’s story to see why regular facials are soooo important!
is there a basic bitches of nolo instagram acct yet? if so sign me up!!!!! not pictured the 17 coffee stains on my shirt. 📷: @schmollymac
i like myself the most w no makeup and bedhead. #selfcaresunday
just counted 62 plants in my studio apt. takes me a couple hours to water/trim them every sunday. i’m the old lady who lives in a shoe w all those kids but it’s a studio and plants. #urbanjungle #urbanjunglebloggers #jungalowstyle #jungalow #erejungle
wow. i cannot imagine life w/o these two. probs cause they’ve been in mine for close to half my life. we’ve been through highs and lows. deaths and illnesses. breakups and marriage and ENGAGEMENTS! they’re like my anti anxiety meds cause when i’m w them i’m calm and completely myself. we know everything about each other cause we’ve been through life together. just feeling really lucky and grateful life brought me meems and jojopotato. on my #sisterhoodofthetravelingpants shit rn. xoxo, gg.
just a girl being the most in her messy apt.
WE’RE GETTING MARRIED. okay so @mimij612 & @jgb214 are but still. best damn day ever. welcome to the sisterhood of crazy, josh, we love you lots. #shesaidyaaas 📷: by our *official* instagram fiancé @jgb214.
i just absolutely live here now. see ya in the spring. and also i’m still doing my seek and find book vs reading my self help books so deal w it.