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  Posted: Aug 11, 2012 1:10 AM
11 Nashville
kylesteed 270w ago
Two peas in a pod @gzer86 @amandasteed

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We’re all asking the same question // Just in different seasons
17 years later and I finally got the chance to reconnect with my high school art/design teacher Mr. Campbell // He is the man who introduced me to photoshop and illustrator // So many of my fondest memories from high school happened in his class // It gives me hope to see him at 71 with still the same amount of passion and zeal he has for his students now as he had for us then // Thankful for getting to spend an hour with him
Good morning // Getting ready for my @creativemorningsdal talk this Friday // I’m taking notes on the importance of making mistakes and how I’ve learned to persevere from one season of life to the next
On our last leg of the trip home from Nashville // Experienced one of the best sunsets over east Texas tonight
Sun shown its face for a few minutes today // Love these little feet playing at the table
It’s been raining in Nashville all day and the humidity has made the windows a perfect canvas for finger painting
Shared the trail this morning with my buddy @justinclemons // One helluva friend and a heart as big as Texas
#shotoniphone #sunrise #hiking
From this mornings meditation hike // I’m reminded that the journey is our destination // There is nowhere to go // Only here can I be // From one passing moment to the next
#shotoniphone #panorama #meditation
My girls love playing outside // Dirt and Air // Bumps and Bruises // It’s one of my favorite things about our house and where we live // I’m so glad we can raise our girls on a street where kids play until the sun goes down instead of sucked into screenland // I recognize this is a rare gift in today’s society
#daddayfordays #fujifilm #x100f