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I have 3 speaking engagements coming up including the @womenatforbes #BossMovesBookClub happening tomorrow @forbes where we discuss @morraam’s new book “Hiding in the Bathroom: An Introverts Roadmap To Getting Out There When You’d Rather Stay Home.” More info on that event and where I’ll be in the next few weeks here <link in bio 💙💙>
Mood. This little one was the star of the ER last night. Smh. Glad she’s okay. But frustrating that they run all these tests and can’t tell you what’s wrong. We could have stayed home for all that. 😫 #sheREALLYneedsajobnow #sheowesmesleep #hireher
When I moderated @blackinadvertising’s thought leadership panel last week, I said that more positions of power in advertising need to look like the faces in that room. The recent racist Dove ad is just one one the many reasons why. We are culture, invest in black and brown talent, don’t just chase our wallets.
Seek knowledge. Be relentless in your pursuit of opportunity. The resources are out there. Some people are off work tomorrow but as an entrepreneur those days simply mean less emails and more time to focus on the work. Let’s get it!
Honestly pulled up to Harvard to check on the little sis Malia. But I think she was in class, she ignored my texts 😫.
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. -RWE
For the @forbes #under30summit service day I got the chance to speak to 10th and 11th grade students in one of Boston’s public schools. Loved chatting with these teens about entrepreneurship and getting started.
On stage at the @forbes #under30summit @womenatforbes MIT take over chatting about if we (women) ruled the world. The funny thing is we do but we just don’t get the credit. Women@Forbes thanks for the opportunity. Women have always been at the forefront doing the work — the invisible work that keeps everything running. It’s time to shift that. Value women, invest in women, pay women and reward them for their ambition.
Currently en route to BOSTON! I'll be taking the stage at the @Forbes #30Under30 Summit today for a panel titled: If We Ruled The World. This panel is part of a day called WOMEN@FORBES UNDER30: CLOSING THE TECH GAP taking place at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). ::cues who run the world: GIRLS @beyonce:: Full agenda --> <link in bio👆🏾>
So, I found a way to write about @iamcardib in my @womenatforbes column. Lol! No, but in all seriousness, teachers work so hard and do not get enough shine. I'm happy @EricaBuddington is getting this well-deserved spotlight. Read our interview for some insight on staying ready for your potential big moment: <link in bio✨✨>
Be relentless. Be prepared. “I made sure I put myself in front of people I could learn from, every single moment.”
Thanks @dr_hottrodds for capturing clips from my keynote @depauwu. I finally got the courage to watch the clips and I can’t even believe that’s me, on stage for 45 mins, no notes, just sharing the journey and the lessons I’ve learned. Thank you to Sophomore Institute for the opportunity!
“No woman can control her destiny if she doesn't give to herself as much as she gives of herself." -
- @therealsuzeorman
Through my work as a journalist, I get to ask questions for a living. But as a little girl, I was often called nosy. ‘Why?’ and the infamous ‘how come?’ were a regular part of my vocabulary.

I was the one who did well in school (even though to be honest I didn’t enjoy it). My name appeared on the honor roll every semester and I eagerly raised my hand to answer the teacher’s question, every time. I prided myself on knowing the answer to the questions asked of me and getting it right.

But there was one major question I did not know the answer to: what do you want to be when you grow up?
In my latest column for @womenatforbes I share the three simple questions that defined my path. Read it on @forbes ---> <link in bio✨👩🏽‍💻>
"The bottom line is about people, not spreadsheets." - Steve Forbes quoting his grandfather B.C. Forbes.
Happy 100th anniversary @forbes. Y'all know how to get some good people into a room. Loved seeing my #forbes30under30 + @realityisrael family. And if you look at my story I screamed for Diddy like that was my uncle for real. #forbesat100