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Yesterday was #internationaldessertday and my neighbor, @sweetcheeksccc stopped by my house to bring #vegan cupcakes! 🙌🏾 They are better than the cupcakes from an Atlanta bakery that we all know and love!
The flavors are double chocolate, keylime, and pumpkin spice (that one is #glutenfree and you can't tell).
Order some and get your life! Tag a vegan friend!
Most resorts have a dress code for their restaurants, and swimwear is not allowed. My newest travel hack is finding dresses or tunics that can easily transition from the beach to the bar. This will save room in your suitcase and it gives you more time on the beach before dinner.
Spent my twenties and half of my thirties in a coverup on the beach. 38 has me looking forward to 40.
Today is the #internationaldayofthegirl and Its mission is “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.” This was my mom's mission for my sister and I in life. Her mission was accomplished, and I have made it my mission for my own daughter. Studies show that it will take 100 years from now for girls and boys to be equal in all areas. Let's do what we can each day to speed that change up.
Private beach with a gentle breeze and silence. There is nothing better.
I enjoyed a relaxing birthday week and even stayed in my pajamas yesterday. I'm excited to get back to my family!
Enjoying waking up to this after sleep for almost two days ☀️
Turning 38 is great 🎂
I was in love with the "coca" while visiting Peru. Chewing coca leaves and drinking coca tea is often recommended for travelers in the Andes to prevent altitude sickness. The altitude sickness was very real. I had dizziness, shortness of breath and migraine like headaches the first day. Drinking it in the form of tea helped me the most.
It's funny how the countries that don't need an FDA for approval, provide organic and hormone free meat for consumption by default.
Blessed to see another year and celebrate my 38th birthday today. I'm so grateful for the simple life with my family and the ability to travel the world. Life is short, so love hard and tell the ones in your life that matter, that you love them daily. #38willbegreat
There is not one fruit or vegetable that is not grown in Peru. They even grow peppers there that you will not find in the US. One thing that we also learned, is that the fish is imported, and you can only get trout.
I usually try to avoid carbs like the plague, but Peru has THE best potatoes that I've ever had. I ate them with each meal! There are so many varieties, but they are all yellow on the inside. Swipe left to see how a couple of them are used and to check out this lady's knife skills.
Fresh ginger root, onions, peppers, squash, tomatoes and potatoes. Peru is a #plantbased dream. This market is too. The ladies will peel, chop and prep your veggies while you shop. I need this in my life!
This was my first time taking a cooking class in another country. We went to the market first to learn about the local spices and fresh produce that's in season. After that, we had a cooking demonstration using those ingredients. This was a fun experience that I would love to do when I go back to Italy!
"Coy" also know as guinea pig, is a treat to the locals. The animal is skinned and roasted whole over an open flame. There are stands on the street corner than sell them just like the hot dogs sold on the street corners of NYC. This was a hard pass for me. Have you ever eaten Guinea Pig in Peru?
Just another day at the market in Cusco. Our guide brought us to the local market where his mom shops each week. It was like taking a step back in time.
Happy Travel Tuesday! Traveling gives me a high, especially when I'm forced to challenge myself during our activities. Now I'm ready to conquer another mountain. Are you an adrenaline junky too?