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Volunteer day, Atlanta-style: Harvesting summer veggies, planting kale and collards plus winterizing. The farm services over 1,000 children and adults a year and provides them with access to fresh produce. -Jessica #ScrippsGives
It's hard to keep a steady jog when you're easily distracted by nature. -Jessica
A gorgeous bouquet from a friend's farm. Makes me wish I had more space for a serious cutting garden.-Felicia
Going to buy some pencils and color the heck out of this tonight. @amystewart -Felicia
Boozy fun fact: the base ingredient in the Italian liqueur Zucca is rhubarb! @tales_of_the_cocktail -Felicia
Enjoying spectacular tea-based cocktails with hibiscus, sorel, chamomile and blackberry at NOLA tea room @salonbysucre @tales_of_the_cocktail -Felicia
Can I tell you a secret? I don't like the way stargazers smell. I have a very sensitive respiratory system, you see. 🙊 -Jessica
Needed a little extra burst of sunshine today. -Jessica
Kind of cool coming home from Mexico City, the land of dishes topped with gorgeous edible flowers, and my first meal at one of my favorite local restaurants @thepigandthepint is a new salad topped with edible flowers!-Felicia
Couldn't resist: one last gorgeous arrangement @thestregismexicocity @mexicocitylive -Felicia
Mexico City, I am going to miss your gorgeous colors and lovely people. @thestregismexicocity @mexicocitylive -Felicia
More images from my gorgeous farm to table lunch in Xochimilco. @mexicocitylive-Felicia
Candied fruit: pumpkin, figs, sweet potato, chayote at a gorgeous canal-side farm-to-table restaurant in Xochimilco, Casa Badiano de la Cruz. So lovely and delicious @mexicocitylive -Felicia
Drink with hibiscus, chia and cinnamon in the Condessa neighborhood of @mexicocitylive -Felicia
More pretty flowers and sweet ceramic containers at @thestregismexicocity -Felicia
Medley of moles at Merced Market in Mexico City @mexicocitylive -Felicia