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❤s birthday. Got him a new tikimug, some leis and a tikimagazine.

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I got only one thing to say about this @cupofzest - Yum!
A little thrift find for the playroom.
I didn't get the chance to cut the lengths yesterday but at least cut her bangs so she can see again.
Jo jo. Med henne kan man allt flörta lite. Lilla affärsbiträdet.
Gentlemens latest fashion this fall, "The Acorn hat"!
I upgraded my pancakes today by adding a mashed banana, oatmeal and wheat germs to the batter. And fried them in coconut oil. Delicious and a bit healtier.
Part of thrift haul from last weekends fleamarkets. Clothes for Holly. Stripes, dots and hearts. Patterns we love in this family. More fleamarkets this comming weekend to look foreward to.