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  Posted: Aug 10, 2012 3:12 AM FEED
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If you live in #yountville #oranges can grow outside your #window and #sun can stream through the #trees in your yard just like this. Amazing. #napa #sonoma #sanfrancisco #california
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Pretty pumpkins on Park Avenue South.
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 8:13 PM
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Happy #diwali! If you're dancing a jig tonight to celebrate, there's a fairly good chance you're going to hear this 84 year old dynamo's voice: with a career spanning 6 decades, Asha Bhosle has been the voice (I think they call it "playback artist") of over 1,000 Bollywood films. I first discovered her voice on a 1972 recording of "Jaane Ja Dhoondta Phir Raha" in the radio lab of the @uofmichigan student station in 2002. Google it! You'll find the music video on YouTube, and you can treat yourself to a little Diwali dance 💃 #WhereDoIGetThatBlackandWhiteSari
Very beautiful and simple use of low light window plantings in Flatiron: begonias and fern 💕
I don't love this picture of me but LOOK! It's Dan Smith, the one and only, in the flesh! I saw him putting up his sign at a deli and Anna convinced me by phone to ask to take a selfie with him. After seeing his name for more than ten years in the city, I felt like I was meeting a legend. 🦄 🦄🦄
If you're looking for something marvelously macabre to do with friends or family in NYC this Halloween, AND you want to help save a threatened arts institution, consider one of the many amazingly dark and interesting events @merchantshouse this October! This photo is from their funeral procession reenactment that took place on October 15th (RG from their Instagram) but you can still buy tickets for their candlelight ghost tours, Halloween readings, and more. Go to their Instagram account for more information and for a link to their website where you can buy tickets! #halloween
Succulent garden at a cosmetic dermatology office in Palo Alto 🌵
Such a pretty spot in the full sun ☀️
I would like this to be my living room.
Thinking about and missing @shana.hong who first brought me here to see this amazing view eleven (?!) years ago. We also watched all the old black and white movies filmed in San Francisco, tooled around the city in your little gray focus, and pushed baby @aborgani through the park 💕 #shanamemorylane
A boarding student at Cranbrook was from Carmel by the Sea, which he told us with some pride. He was tan, liked to surf, had the square freckled face of a boy who grew up in the sun. Pre-google age, his midwestern classmates had never heard of this place and were unimpressed. "What is so special about this Carmel place? What could be better than Bloomfield Hills?" the Michigan boy sitting next to me asked. "Everything," replied the California boy. Everything.
This is a very hopeful place, filled with people learning how to love and protect the oceans.
Beautiful cypress in Palo Alto.
Driving into San Francisco from Palo Alto, the city shrouded in smoke.
@happymenocal once shared a photo of a storefront that had "imagine the possibilities!" written all over it, and it's pretty much all I hear in my head when i walk through our construction zone every day 😬#keepimagining