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Happy birthday bro bro, continue taking over the world! #straightface
Happy birthday, you rad human! Hope you have a great day 💝🎈
Wishing this sleeping beauty a very happy birthday! You're obviously lit af and always have been and I'm so lucky to have ya in my life. Love you Nat ❤️🎊🎈
HBD to a sweet fun-loving soul! Have a good day Chan ❤️🎉🎈
A sweet throwback to wish a bff a very happy birthday 🎈🖤 thanks for taking me under your wing my freshman year and for continually showing me that weird is usually always better than cool
We're remaking the movie Bridesmaids 👰🏻✨
Happy 21st to everyone's favorite sugar-free, dairy-free, oil-free vegan. Love you, my little kindred California soul, hope your day is wonderful! 🍎🍌🥑🥝🍠💓
ps. the only reason it looks like I have any semblance of a tricep is because Vic's tricep is not pictured here 🙃
Thanks for keeping my head on straight for all these years and also for helping me develop a healthy shopping addiction #igetitfromyou #happymothersday 💞
"...remember somewhere the sun is shining and so the right thing to do is make it shine for you..." ☀️💞
Wishing a HUGE happy 21st birthday to one of the realest out there. You are the JR to my baconator, you are the light to my candle and I couldn't imagine a life at RIC without ya. Thanks for listening to show tunes with me and just being overall fun, kindness, and friend goals. Ilysm Erin and I hope you have a great birthday 🎉💗
HBD CORRINE 🎉🎉I'm so glad we've grown closer over the years and I'm lucky to call you a teammate and friend! I hope 22 is everything you wish for and more ☀️💛
Happy 22nd birthday to one of my favorite people to come out of my experience at RIC. It's been such a pleasure getting to call you my friend. I wish I could post every picture/video I've ever taken with/of you because they're all equally as hilarious/amazing. Please enjoy your last birthday before life gets real af. ILY FOREVER 💓🎉😊😜
Saying goodbye to one of the strongest women I've ever known. You were a rock for so many people for so long. Losing you is tragic for us, but you were tired and it was time. Uncle Keith probably needed you up there too. Rest In Peace, Nan. I love you with my whole heart.
21 never looked so good, Ash! Thanks for bringing your fun loving spirit into my life, you've been such a joy. Welcome to the big leagues homie ❤️🎉
Second take on my last ever gymnastics banquet (this time without a full leg knee brace)❤️💛⚓️