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Ready for tomorrow game! #GoKobe!

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🐼 Y cómo no, una foto sin sentido del último día que estuvimos en Bali.
Hay veces que viajamos por placer y puede acabar siendo una experiencia más estresante de como la esperabas, pero cuando tu mente y tu corazón están preparados para disfrutar y aprender, puedes sacar de un viaje toda una lección de vida. Escuchar, entender, apreciar y avanzar. 👊🏼 Buenos días!! 🙂
Thank you #Bali, thank you #Indonesia, it's been a pleasure to finally know a bit more about you. We will be back!!! 🌺❤️ @andrea.ramboss
Walk along someone who wants to live new adventures and experiences. Walk along someone you love deeply enough to wake up at 2:30am to go at the top of the #MountBatur to see the sunrise, something you won't regret!! 💖
#Bali, #Ubud
Thank you @meettherealbali for such a wonderful time! Best guide ever (and photographer)! 🙂😉
Barcelona I've never felt so far away from you since I left you.
We need to understand that what is happening is beyond our control, we are in a new kind of war, we have to support eachother and remain strong. Terrorism has no space in the base of humanity, remember you once were born with no prejudices, with no fear, no colours. You were like a white paper waiting to be written. So let's all go back and write a new story, one that will remain in our hearts and one that will leave the future generations a place to live. 🖤
A year ago today I met this guy. A handsome, intelligent, smart and funny italian that changed my single plans for good.
Ti amo amore! ❤️😊
Love credit a @afabrega i al dia que vas néixer! 😂 🙌🏼👌🏼
Two years ago I was on a road trip around the US that changed me more than I would have expected. Travelling is something so special and unique. Leaving the expectations behind and experience every place in the best personal way possible is what makes travelling such an eye-opening and learning experience.
Leave your prejudice behind and meet new people, ask questions, learn, express your opinion and try to understand the others, emphatise, change if you feel like having to, travel with different people, do new things, laugh and have fun, appreciate the silence & love a lot.
Happy Friday! 😁