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Always malfunctioning, but never upset about it. Happy birthday my Hampshire street home girl! Sending you hugs and love today! Miss you, can't wait to squeeze you.
Ryan and I like to sit on comfy couches, sip on our fancy Chicago drinks, have deep chats, and pretend we are from the 1800's.
Scene 1. Ryan gets a new camera and girlfriend, Jacki, has to be ready to pose at all times. She secretly wishes he could follow her everywhere because she secretly likes posing...especially in the middle of a homework session at Panera. Thanks for always being my paparazzi Ry Ry. @ryanmjoen
Is that my future ahead? Oh my goodness it's in sight. How the heck did that happen?
Time. You can't hold onto it, change it, or stop it, but we can choose to live well in it. I am blessed to live with these ladies for one more semester as we take on senior year. Love you 3. Love Apt. 1. #senioryear #canont3i
Oh senior year. If long distance has taught us anything these past 3 years it's that:
1. God is so good
2. Ryan tends to always leave something behind
3. Spraying perfume/cologne on a pillow before leaving makes the gaps apart a little easier.
With one more semester 2.5 hours apart and lots of life changes ahead, we're ready for year four.
The van that used to carry 3 small children in the back is now carrying college stuff and headed for Iowa. Year two awaits you. Good luck, miss ya already!
jaxxs11 11w ago
Hi. We are the Alberts and we find it easier to take weird pictures. We are also really good at making a scene outside of a restaurant. (Photos for proof) I can't begin to tell you how much I love these people. Thank you for reminding me why I am thankful to be an Alberts.
jaxxs11 12w ago
Captured the cuteness before the Jesus praisin' started! Thanks God for a cute guy who loves you and can rock Banana Republic pants.
jaxxs11 12w ago
Let me tell you. When Jacki is having a day when she looks like this... these two push my heart, mind, and soul back into line. With graceful, loving hearts that pour out from the depths of them, I am so blessed.
📷: @ryanmjoen
jaxxs11 13w ago
There is such an overwhelming comfort to step into a different culture with people you don't know and praise God the same way you do at home. [He is the same] #canont3i
jaxxs11 13w ago
[Promacja: Promotion]
I walked into Tesco thinking it would be something completely different than the grocery stores in the states. But let me tell you, it was Jewel... minus the English. The culture shock is real. #canont3i
jaxxs11 14w ago
Only on your timing. [Patience]
jaxxs11 14w ago
The sun always shines a little brighter when you guys come visit.
jaxxs11 15w ago
This is Lubin. Where God is moving mountains.