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  Posted: Aug 9, 2012 5:04 PM FEED
2 Walden
@TeenVogue Is getting me ready for back to schoo in stylel! #btss

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Breaking away from my day-to-day colorful outfits for a black & white look 💥 Outfit is inspired by @StacyAdamsStyle black cap toe boots 🔥 They are just what I needed to take my Fall closet to the next level 🙌😄 #ad #StacyAdamsStyle #StepOutsideTheBox #BluePerk
Having a slightly oversized moment 🔥 Finding any excuse to wear jogger pants again 🤸‍♂️ I'm all about that cozy comfort lifestyle 😄👌 #BluePerk
Can't get enough of my @StacyAdamsStyle double monk boots ❤ They've pretty much become my go-to fall shoes 💥 #StepIntoStyle #StacyAdamsStyle #ad #BluePerk
More than ever I'm about zero waste 🚫 My friends at @GreenMatters asked me to share one way I prevent waste for their #GreenRoutine Community challenge ♻️✔ My #1 way is to bring my own reusable totes to the grocery store, it's super easy & saves a ton of plastic 🙌 Give it a try on your next visit 😉 #BluePerk
Ending warm weather season with a blog post on 🌞😄 It's my last hoorah for short sleeves & bare ankles 🎉 #BluePerk
Looking like I'm 18 again 👶 Toally clean shaved for the first in longer than I can remember 🤷‍♂️ For a fun photo-shoot by @georgeevanphoto 📸🤸‍♂️ #BluePerk
Getting into the Halloween state of mind early with the All Treats, No Tricks Variety candy bag 🎃 There is a mixture of @SweeTARTSCandy, Nerds, Laffy Taffy & Bottlecaps to please all you trick-or-treaters 😄 450 pieces of candy per bag to be exact! 😉🍬🎉 #SweeTARTS #ad #BluePerk
Found somewhere in Brooklyn 💙 A whole new collection of graffiti walls covered in scaffolding 😍 Pretty much an early Christmas present 😊🎁👌 #BluePerk
Taking my Fall style a step further in my new @StacyAdamsStyle double monk boots 🍂 Every year my favorite part of the weather getting cooler is the chance to wear boots again 😄 Though let's be honest, we all love a new pair of shoes regardless of the reason why 😉💯 #StepIntoStyle #StacyAdamsStyle #ad #BluePerk
Going from Summer stripes to Fall plaids 💥 Those two patterns popped out to me the most as I switched over my closet 🙆‍♂️ Each felt synonymous with my seasonal wardrobe 😜 #BluePerkMoment
All dressed up for date night at @BoucherieNYC 😊 I'm super excited to try @PatLaFrieda's french inspired #CutOfTheWeek 🔪 Check out my IG story for a closer look 🤤😋 #BluePerk
Feeling extra 💯 After a much enjoyed weekend relaxing at home & catching up on Netflix 👌🙆‍♂️ It was 🎉🎉🎉 #BluePerk
Catching that light 🌞 Spending every chance I get outdoors enjoying the super refreshing NYC weather at the moment 🙆‍♂️😄 #BluePerk
Always scouting for new walls 🔍 Just as one travel ends, I'm already planning my next to Berlin & Paris at the end of this month ✈ If you have any wall recomendations, let me know 🎨 I'd love to check them out 📷👌 #BluePerk
Moments like this are why I love leaving for a bit 💚 It's like I'm in the honeymoon stage again with NYC 😍🙆‍♂️ #BluePerk
Feels good to be back home in NYC 💖 Just in time for October & all the super fresh weather 🎃🙌😄 #BluePerk
Treating myself to a @LumaRxIPL hair removal treatment 💥 #ad For the past 4 weeks before my trip to Southeast Asia, I had been treating my abdominal & area around my nipple for hair removal with their new Pro device 😄 Best part is it hurts 100% less than it does to get waxed 🙌 Visit my blog, to read my full review and try for yourself with my code -FR75- for $75 off a Pro or Full Body device 👌💯 #BluePerk
Someone pinch me, I'm feeling like the past 10 days have been a dream 😅 Penang, Malaysia marks my 5th & final stop on my tour of Southeast Asia 🙆‍♂️🌎 I couldn't be more grateful to have been apart of @ASEANtourismonline's 50th anniversary 🎉 So many experiences, sights & such nice locals in each country 💙 Now I cant wait to get home to my hubby ✈👬😊 #ASEAN50 #BluePerkTravels
Reminded sky's the limit in Kuala Lumpur 🙌 Had an amazing 24 hours exploring Malaysia's capital city 🔥💯 The PETRONAS twin towers are even more impressive in person! 🤤 #ASEAN50 #BluePerkTravels
Made it to Malaysia 🇲🇾 First stop is the multicultural city of Melaka 💥 Where I came across this colorful mosque 😍 It's on a road nicknamed Harmony Street, for the many religions practiced on the same street in harmony of one another 🙏😉 #ASEAN50 #BluePerkTravels