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From 6km fast march to 20km route march to living off the land to (hell) navex to Land infantry movement to summex to RTI . This 6 weeks was a total roller coaster ride , really been through alott with this lads . Proudly say We The Recon trained troopers for our 17th mono 3rd Guards Battalion #aheadalways 👁
I got fake people showing fake love to me
With Honour & Glory , We Move The Army !!! Up next ISPC LEGGO 👁👌🏽
Sunday morning rain is falling but it aint stopping a family dayyyyy
私はひどくあなたが恋しいです , それは私のせいです
4eva the favourite baby to this Qu33n , beside her also look like baby damnnn . HAPPY 57th birthday to the lady who gave birth to me hehehe love u 💋 always
Just because i was a guy who smiled a lot didnt mean i took everything in stride . I get hurt easily . I was really good at hiding my feelings with flippancy .
Goodbye to recruit life ! Prepare for next hurdle in army life ... #guards
Mandatory POP shot 📷 look so ugly 👻
Miss hair miss beard miss freedom 😭
Bring me back to when i need not worry about anything & carefree ➰